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Data Series 1004

Historical Files from Federal Government Mineral Exploration-Assistance Programs, 1950 to 1974








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The PDF files in this data series were compiled using PDF catalog technology. There can be be multiple PDF documents within a single PDF file. Viewing the PDF’s through a browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) will not access all pages in a PDF file. To insure access to the entire PDF, it is strongly recommended that the user download the file (right click on the property name) and save it before opening it with a PDF reader. Acrobat Reader DC (free) is the recommended PDF reader to use to view all files in this data series. File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1 megabyte (MB) to nearly 500 MB. Download times for large files will vary based on Internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Montana DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf), which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for viewing. Agencies are the Defense Minerals Administration (DMA), Defense Minerals Exploration Administration (DMEA), and Office of Minerals Exploration (OME).

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County Docket Agency File size Property name All commodities
Beaverhead 0148 DMA 40 MB Brown's Lake Tungsten Tungsten
Beaverhead 1138 DMA 4 MB Amadan Claim Group Copper, uranium, nickel, cobalt, molydenum
Beaverhead 1186 DMA 19 MB Last Chance Group Thorium, uranium, cerium
Beaverhead 1305 DMA 4 MB Copper Queen Group Copper, lead, zinc
Beaverhead 1515 DMA 4 MB Barbara & Judy Copper Prospects Copper, gold, silver
Beaverhead 1719 DMA 2 MB Glowworm Group Tungsten
Beaverhead 1951 DMA 12 MB Browns Lake Tungsten Deposit Tungsten
Beaverhead 1980 DMA 9 MB G-W Mine Lead, silver
Beaverhead 2254 DMEA 38 MB Faithful Lead, copper
Beaverhead 2292 DMEA 93 MB Ivanhoe Claim Tungsten
Beaverhead 2361 DMEA 31 MB Greenstone Tungsten Deposit Tungsten
Beaverhead 2440 DMEA 112 MB Lost Creek Mine Tungsten
Beaverhead 2640 DMEA 21 MB H. & S. Mine Lead-zinc
Beaverhead 3465 DMEA 5 MB Queen of the Hills Mining cClaim Lead, zinc, copper
Beaverhead 4338 DMEA 10 MB Maulden Mine, et al. Copper, lead, zinc
Beaverhead 4840 DMEA 7 MB Fool Hen Property Tungsten
Beaverhead 5043 DMEA 11 MB Last Chance, et al., Claims Thorium
Beaverhead 6026 OME 4 MB Cago, et al., Claims Thorium, rare earths
Beaverhead 6263 OME 37 MB Excelcior, et al., Claims Gold, silver, bismuth, tellurium
Beaverhead 6326 OME 63 MB Comet, et al., Claims Silver
Beaverhead 6389 OME 89 MB New Departure Mine Silver
Beaverhead 6586 OME 18 MB Silver Queen Claims Silver
Beaverhead 6619 OME 6 MB Greenstone Mine Copper, silver
Beaverhead 6635 OME 37 MB Burgierosa Group Silver
Beaverhead 6668 OME 6 MB Iron Mask Mine Silver, gold
Beaverhead 6700 OME 8 MB Buster No. 1 & 2 Claims Silver
Beaverhead 6816 OME 5 MB Moosehorn Claims Silver, copper, gold
Beaverhead 6820 OME 9 MB Ajax Mine Gold, silver
Beaverhead 6840 OME 22 MB Comet Mine Silver
Beaverhead 6865 OME 6 MB Berdic Claims Silver, gold
Beaverhead 6903 OME 5 MB Montana Lode Claims Silver
Blaine 3542 DMEA 3 MB Linda, et al. Claims Lead, copper
Broadwater 0274 DMA 13 MB Iron Mask Mine Lead-zinc, silver
Broadwater 1132 DMA 8 MB Whitehorse Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold
Broadwater 1509 DMA 9 MB Blue Bird Mine Lead-zinc
Broadwater 2260 DMEA 122 MB January Mine Lead-zinc, copper, gold, silver
Broadwater 2731 DMEA 14 MB Pearl Claim Lead-zinc, copper
Broadwater 2814 DMEA 3 MB Iron Mass & Golden Glow Claims Tungsten
Broadwater 3271 DMEA 6 MB North Star Mine Platinum, gold
Broadwater 3432 DMEA <1 MB January Mine Lead, zinc, copper
Broadwater 3668 DMEA 53 MB Silver Saddle Mine Lead
Broadwater 4776 DMEA 3 MB Santa Anita Claim Lead-zinc
Broadwater 4884 DMEA 4 MB Sentinel, et al., Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Broadwater 5047 DMEA 3 MB Copper City Mine Copper
Broadwater 6040 OME 2 MB Sullivan & Stewart No. 1 Claims Lead-zinc
Broadwater 6082 OME 78 MB Marrieta Mine Lead-zinc
Broadwater 6102 OME 1 MB January Mine Monazite
Broadwater 6174 OME 1 MB Silver Saddle and North Star Claims Gold, lead, silver
Broadwater 6200 OME 2 MB John L., et al., Claims Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Broadwater 6511 OME 12 MB Jo Dandy and Santa Anita Claims Silver
Broadwater 6661 OME 1 MB Silver Dome Property Silver
Broadwater 6695 OME 12 MB Avalanche Group Gold
Carbon 3716 DMEA 8 MB Rosebud,Tommy, Johnny, and Baby Jan Group of Claim Asbestos, talc, vermiculite
Carbon 4619 DMEA 68 MB SandraGroup of Claims Uranium
Cascade 0129 DMA 42 MB Dacotah Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
Cascade 0202 DMA 2 MB Minute Man Mine Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
Cascade 0351 DMA 7 MB Star Mine Lead-zinc
Cascade 2015 DMA 5 MB Boss & Atlantus Lead-zinc, silver
Cascade 2054 DMA 12 MB Galt Mine Lead-zinc
Cascade 3548 DMEA 92 MB Boss and Atlantus Claims Lead, zinc
Cascade 6557 OME 133 MB Florence Mine Silver
Deer Lodge 0594 DMA 56 MB Cable Mine Tungsten, copper, gold
Deer Lodge 2323 DMEA 16 MB Cable Mine Copper
Deer Lodge 2529 DMEA 9 MB Chicken Hawk and Cabin Claims Cobalt
Deer Lodge 3098 DMEA 81 MB Tungstar Group Tungsten
Deer Lodge 3242 DMEA 4 MB Diamond Placer Property Lead
Deer Lodge 3757 DMEA 4 MB Sager-Murphy Claims Tungsten
Deer Lodge 4100 DMEA 81 MB Tip Top Mine Tungsten, silver, lead, copper
Deer Lodge 6420 OME 3 MB Champion Mine Silver, gold
Deer Lodge 6672 OME 5 MB Champion mine Silver, gold
Fallon 4107 DMEA 55 MB Cox Lease Uranium
Fergus 0036 DMA 3 MB Golden Armells et. al. Lead, zinc, silver, gold, copper, iron, manganese
Fergus 6349 OME 60 MB Beta-Kappa Claims and Leases Properties Gold, silver
Fergus 6472 OME <1 MB Armells Producer and High Hope Claims Lead-zinc, copper, silver
Fergus 6880 OME 65 MB Spotted Horse Mine Gold
Fergus 6904 OME 5 MB Republic Mine Gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper
Flathead 0679 DMA 4 MB Martin Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Flathead 2275 DMEA 3 MB None identified Copper, lead
Flathead 2626 DMEA 9 MB Battle Butte Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Flathead 6213 OME 1 MB Shanko Creek Prospect Copper, silver, manganese
Flathead 6224 OME 3 MB Blue Grouse Mine Gold, silver
Gallatin 0793 DMA 11 MB Pass Creek Mine Zinc, lead
Gallatin 3780 DMEA 39 MB Thumper Load & Thumper Load No.2 Mica
Gallatin 6237 OME 2 MB Thumper Lodes No.1 & 2 Mica
Granite 0042 DMA 407 MB True Fissure and Durango Mines Manganese
Granite 0315 DMA 23 MB Bear and Float Claims Tungsten, silver, lead-zinc, copper
Granite 0393 DMA 85 MB Sunrise Mine Copper, tungsten, gold, silver
Granite 0666 DMA 1 MB Commanche Manganese Manganese
Granite 0700 DMA 58 MB Argo Mine Tungsten
Granite 0946 DMEA 69 MB Wasa-Shamrock Mine Lead-zinc
Granite 0964 DMA 70 MB Durand Group Lead-zinc, copper, silver
Granite 1060 DMA 1 MB Drummond Tungsten, gold
Granite 1380 DMA <1 MB Senate Mine Copper
Granite 1902 DMA 60 MB The True Fissure Mine Manganese
Granite 1930 DMA 22 MB West Exposure Prospect Silver, lead, zinc, gold
Granite 1934 DMA 5 MB Warren Peak Property Lead
Granite 1958 DMA 17 MB Needle Gun Vein Lead-zinc
Granite 1981 DMEA 74 MB Combination Mine Tungsten, silver, copper, gold
Granite 2118 DMA <1 MB Argo Mine Tungsten
Granite 2179 DMA 11 MB Lucy Load et al. claims Manganese
Granite 2324 DMEA 10 MB Double Eagle Mine Tungsten
Granite 2597 DMEA 30 MB General Washington et. al Claims Tungsten
Granite 2638 DMEA 35 MB White Horse Group Manganese
Granite 2747 DMEA 19 MB Needle Gun Mine Silver, lead, zinc
Granite 2895 DMEA 10 MB Lucky Lead Mines, Inc. Lead, zinc
Granite 3043 DMEA 14 MB Old Kentucky and Silver Lode Claims Manganese
Granite 3076 DMEA 133 MB Mullen Mine Manganese, silver, lead, zinc
Granite 3186 DMEA 71 MB Mystery Manganese Mine Manganese
Granite 3278 DMEA 160 MB Scratch All Mine Manganese, lead, zinc
Granite 3279 DMEA 10 MB None identified Manganese
Granite 3626 DMEA 105 MB Mystery Manganese Mine Manganese
Granite 4334 DMEA 91 MB White Horse Mine Manganese
Granite 4749 DMEA 8 MB Marie Claim Manganese
Granite 4763 DMEA 18 MB Sand Basin Placer Thorium, uranium, rare earths, columbium, tantalum, yttrium
Granite 4948 DMEA 15 MB Needle Gun Mine Manganese, lead, zinc
Granite 6189 OME 81 MB Pochahontas, et al., Claims Silver, lead, zinc, manganese, uranium
Granite 6276 OME 1 MB Needle Gun, et. al. Silver
Granite 6343 OME 1 MB Gold Reef Mine Gold, silver, copper
Granite 6382 OME 13 MB Granite Silver, gold, copper, lead, zinc, mangaese
Granite 6410 OME 211 MB Nancy Hanks, et. al. Claims Gold
Granite 6441 OME 2 MB Blue Bird, et. al. Gold, silver
Granite 6446 OME 1 MB Parnell, et al., Claims Silver
Granite 6639 OME 31 MB Tintic-Shian, et al., Group of Claims Silver
Granite 6652 OME 29 MB Silver Chief Silver, copper
Granite 6741 OME 25 MB Lead King, Forth of July, et. al. Gold
Granite 6759 OME 2 MB Double Eagle Mine Silver
Granite 6805 OME 1 MB Lucky Strike Bull Moose Claim Silver
Granite 6871 OME 20 MB Silver King No. 1 & 2 Claims Silver, gold
Jefferson 0326 DMA 23 MB Hope and Bullion Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese
Jefferson 0821 DMA 5 MB Crystal Mine Copper, lead, zinc
Jefferson 1176 DMA 80 MB Boulder Mercury Group Uranium, silver, gold, mercury, lead
Jefferson 1177 DMA 27 MB Free Enterprise Uranium, silver
Jefferson 1299 DMA 1 MB Meadow Mine Lead-zinc, silver
Jefferson 1326 DMA 4 MB McConnell Zinc, silver
Jefferson 1348 DMA 15 MB Forty-Niner Claim Uranium
Jefferson 1411 DMA 8 MB Ariadne & Bee Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Jefferson 1519 DMA 6 MB Meadow Mine Lead-zinc, silver
Jefferson 1529 DMA <1 MB Monana Morning Mine Lead
Jefferson 1618 DMA 25 MB LaCasse - Childers Manganese
Jefferson 1687 DMA 3 MB Inspiration Lead, gold, silver, copper
Jefferson 1783 DMA 9 MB Bernice Group Copper, silver, lead, gold
Jefferson 1877 DMA 11 MB Mulcahy Group Lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold, uranium, tungsten
Jefferson 1967 DMA 7 MB Scheelite and Aplite Claims Tungsten
Jefferson 2034 DMA 23 MB White Pine & Bell Group Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Jefferson 2183 DMEA 48 MB John Sloss Lead-zinc, copper, silver
Jefferson 2225 DMEA 14 MB Sylvan Mine Uranium
Jefferson 2301 DMEA 8 MB Silver Hill Mine Lead-zinc
Jefferson 2339 DMEA 7 MB Bo(Bull) Gulch Prospect Lead-zinc
Jefferson 2419 DMEA 37 MB Lone Eagle Quartz Lode Uranium
Jefferson 2471 DMEA 12 MB North Boulder Prospect Lead-zinc
Jefferson 2481 DMEA 5 MB Iron King Mine Iron
Jefferson 2509 DMEA 4 MB Treasure State Lode Mining Claim Lead, zinc
Jefferson 2530 DMEA 5 MB Silver King Lode Mining Claims Lead-zinc
Jefferson 2583 DMEA 2 MB McNary & Cline Claims Lead-zinc
Jefferson 2767 DMEA 9 MB Morning & Midnight Mining Claims Lead-zinc
Jefferson 2856 DMEA 49 MB Eva May-Wiladston Group Lead-zinc, copper
Jefferson 2907 DMEA 47 MB Bulware Mine Copper
Jefferson 2980 DMEA 3 MB Boulder Mercury Group Uranium
Jefferson 2981 DMEA 14 MB Boulder Mercury Group Uranium
Jefferson 3208 DMEA 5 MB Hy Ore No 2 & 2 Uranium
Jefferson 3241 DMEA 47 MB Red Rock Mines Uranium
Jefferson 3303 DMEA 40 MB White Pine Mine Uranium
Jefferson 3312 DMEA 5 MB Belle Mine Lead, zinc, copper
Jefferson 3385 DMEA 25 MB Burnstone Mine Lead, zinc, copper
Jefferson 3536 DMEA 6 MB Comet Gray Eagle mine Uranium
Jefferson 3581 DMEA 9 MB Baltimore Mine Copper, lead, zinc
Jefferson 3692 DMEA 3 MB Big Timber Mine Manganese
Jefferson 3848 DMEA 6 MB Queen Mine Lead
Jefferson 3964 DMEA 10 MB Boulder Mercury Group Uranium, mercury
Jefferson 3970 DMEA 6 MB A.B.C. No. 1 Property Uranium, thorium
Jefferson 4276 DMEA 108 MB Dailey Copper Mine Copper
Jefferson 4685 DMEA No scan Silmont No. 1& 2 Lode Claims Copper, lead
Jefferson 4699 DMEA 7 MB Uranium Quartz Lode, et al., Claims Uranium
Jefferson 4732 DMEA 40 MB Morning Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Jefferson 4821 DMEA 7 MB Big Timber Mine Manganese, lead
Jefferson 4856 DMEA 3 MB President Group Uranium
Jefferson 4978 DMEA 2 MB Hope & Bullion Mine Lead-zinc, copper, antimony, cobalt, uraninite
Jefferson 5049 DMEA 5 MB Monteal Star Mine Copper
Jefferson 6045 OME 29 MB Baltimore Mine Copper, lead, zinc
Jefferson 6140 OME 1 MB Hildebrand Mine Lead
Jefferson 6142 OME <1 MB Mountain Queen Mine Gold, silver, lead, copper
Jefferson 6178 OME 2 MB Crystal Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Jefferson 6184 OME 1 MB Eldorado, et al., Claims Gold, silver, lead
Jefferson 6198 OME 3 MB Heagon, et al., Claims Lead, silver, gold
Jefferson 6232 OME 1 MB Carlu-Pauline Lode Mining Claim Copper, gold
Jefferson 6308 OME 106 MB Ruby Mine Gold, silver
Jefferson 6379 OME 54 MB Meadow Mine Silver
Jefferson 6418 OME <1 MB Belle Mine
Jefferson 6429 OME 4 MB Bullion, et al., Claims Gold, silver, lead, zinc
Jefferson 6435 OME 1 MB Little Katie Lode Claim Silver
Jefferson 6477 OME 3 MB Silver Queen Claim Silver
Jefferson 6587 OME 98 MB Elkhorn Mine Silver
Jefferson 6637 OME 30 MB Rock and Roll Mining Claims Silver
Jefferson 6670 OME 4 MB Moose Creek Silver Gold, silver
Jefferson 6690 OME 4 MB Emma Bell and Adolphus Claims Gold, silver
Jefferson 6796 OME 19 MB Crystal and Bullion Mines Gold, silver
Jefferson 6866 OME 4 MB Weber-Hill Claims Silver, gold
Jefferson 6887 OME 3 MB Dubuque Lode Silver
Jefferson 6898 OME 6 MB Sleeper 1-7(Vindicator) Gold, silver
Jefferson 6899 OME 9 MB Morning-Midnight Property Gold, silver
Judith Basin 1600 DMA 4 MB Yogo Group Copper, lead, zinc, iron, gold, silver
Judith Basin 1727 DMA 42 MB Carter Mine Lead, silver, zinc, copper, manganese, tungsten
Judith Basin 2187 DMA 3 MB Leonard Prospect Lead-zinc
Judith Basin 4588 DMEA 37 MB Doctor Kalloch Mine Lead-zinc
Lewis and Clark 0534 DMA 12 MB Hidden Vein Mine Copper, manganese
Lewis and Clark 0787 DMA <1 MB R.T.C. Mining Claims None identified
Lewis and Clark 1090 DMA 2 MB Franklin Mine Lead, copper
Lewis and Clark 1535 DMA 17 MB Copper Cliff Copper, silver
Lewis and Clark 2074 DMA 2 MB Mike Horse Lead-zinc
Lewis and Clark 2658 DMEA 44 MB Prentice Property Tungsten
Lewis and Clark 3495 DMEA 9 MB Windy Ridge Property Tungsten
Lewis and Clark 3584 DMEA 10 MB Consolation Group Lead, copper
Lewis and Clark 3610 DMEA 12 MB Daniel Stanton Mine Uranium, lead, zinc
Lewis and Clark 4030 DMEA 8 MB Silver Bell Mine Copper, lead
Lewis and Clark 4243 DMEA 5 MB Mineral Deposit Claim Uranium
Lewis and Clark 5001 DMEA 2 MB Butterfly Mine Copper
Lewis and Clark 6114 OME 18 MB Carbonate Mine Lead-zinc
Lewis and Clark 6139 OME 1 MB Avon property Gold, silver, lead, zinc
Lewis and Clark 6183 OME 1 MB Sam Gatty Mine Lead, silver
Lewis and Clark 6240 OME 3 MB Rosetta Mine Copper, silver
Lewis and Clark 6248 OME 2 MB Franklin and Sam Gatty Mines Gold, silver
Lewis and Clark 6430 OME 4 MB Empire Mine Gold, silver
Lewis and Clark 6442 OME 5 MB Obie Group Gold, silver
Lewis and Clark 6445 OME 4 MB Silver Coin Mine Silver
Lewis and Clark 6576 OME 7 MB Butterfly Mine Copper, silver
Lewis and Clark 6811 OME 3 MB Retread Property (Korizek) Copper, lead, silver
Lincoln 0418 DMA 2 MB Silver Butte Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Lincoln 1246 DMA 2 MB Sally Rae Lead-zinc
Lincoln 1597 DMA 5 MB St. Paul Quartz Mine Lead-zinc
Lincoln 1818 DMA 7 MB Bonus Claims Lead, copper, gold
Lincoln 1889 DMA 4 MB Gold King Group Lead-zinc
Lincoln 2823 DMEA 6 MB Moose Hill Tungsten Mine Tungsten
Lincoln 3403 DMEA 6 MB Zollars Property Lead, zinc
Lincoln 6497 OME 13 MB Rex Claims Silver
Madison 0049 DMA 80 MB Commonwealth Mine Lead, silver, zinc
Madison 0768 DMA 5 MB Copper King and Madonna Claims Lead, silver, gold, iron, sulphur
Madison 1265 DMA 11 MB Flint Tin
Madison 1354 DMA 9 MB Karst & Table Mountain Groups Asbestos
Madison 1566 DMA 4 MB Sunbeam Manganese
Madison 2157 DMA 15 MB Silver Star Copper, gold, silver
Madison 2360 DMEA 16 MB Litte Mile Creek Asbestos, talc
Madison 2367 DMEA 15 MB U.S. Gold Corporation Mine Copper
Madison 2598 DMEA 14 MB Perry Canyon Tungsten Deposits Tungsten, silver, lead
Madison 2691 DMEA 3 MB Black Magic, Black Bonanza, Black Maria Claims Manganese
Madison 2893 DMEA 2 MB Mullens Property Lead, silver
Madison 2915 DMEA 3 MB Wy-Mont Property Thorium
Madison 3029 DMEA 2 MB Latest Out Mine Lead-zinc
Madison 3111 DMEA 13 MB Lincoln et al Claims Tungsten
Madison 3135 DMEA 29 MB Strawberry Mine Tungsten
Madison 3352 DMEA 12 MB Strawberry Property Tungsten
Madison 3623 DMEA 4 MB Now Property Tungsten
Madison 4519 DMEA 4 MB Nevada, et al., Claims Tungsten
Madison 4983 DMEA 5 MB Davy Creek Manganese
Madison 6095 OME 1 MB Extension Claims Lead
Madison 6156 OME <1 MB Green Cambell Mine None identified
Madison 6235 OME <1 MB Mountain Lilly Claim Group Gold, lead, silver, zinc
Madison 6268 OME 1 MB Sunrise Claim No.1 Lead-zinc, silver, gold
Madison 6287 OME 4 MB Grabinski Mine Gold
Madison 6299 OME 1 MB Pedro Mining Claim Gold
Madison 6342 OME <1 MB Pacific Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
Madison 6345 OME 34 MB Gold Leaf Claims Silver, gold
Madison 6391 OME <1 MB Golconda Mine Lead
Madison 6520 OME 41 MB Janus Group Silver, gold, copper
Madison 6521 OME 16 MB Latchstring Group Silver, gold
Madison 6522 OME 22 MB Nellie Bly Group Silver, gold
Madison 6523 OME 14 MB Terra Cotta Group Silver, gold
Madison 6595 OME 7 MB Lark Lee Mine Silver
Madison 6642 OME 5 MB Silvercrest Mine Silver, copper
Madison 6775 OME 2 MB Beverly and Dian Claims Gold, silver
Meagher 0565 DMA 20 MB Yellowstone, et. al., Claims Lead-zinc, manganese, silver
Meagher 3230 DMEA 13 MB Penny Lou No. 1 & Success Claims Manganese
Meagher 5045 DMEA 5 MB Copper State Mine Lead-zinc
Meagher 5046 DMEA 6 MB Blackhawk Mine Manganese, lead
Meagher 6594 OME 7 MB High Tariff Claim Silver
Mineral 0341 DMA 1 MB Amador Mine Copper
Mineral 1425 DMA 14 MB Keesey Tunnel Lead, copper, antimony, silver
Mineral 2013 DMA 24 MB Amador Mine Copper
Mineral 2087 DMA 14 MB Lucky Jack et al. Fluorspar
Mineral 2109 DMA 3 MB Meadow Mountain Lead-zinc
Mineral 2951 DMEA 68 MB Nancy Lee Properties Copper, lead, zinc
Mineral 3758 DMEA 1 MB Tarbox Mine Lead, copper
Mineral 4292 DMEA 6 MB Saltese Metals Mine Copper
Mineral 6396 OME 5 MB Properity, et al., Claims Lead
Mineral 6862 OME 6 MB Tawney Mine Gold
Missoula 0208 DMA 21 MB Blacktail Mine Lead
Missoula 0682 DMA <1 MB Kennedy, Creek Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Missoula 0925 DMA 6 MB Blue Bell Copper, gold
Missoula 2208 DMA 12 MB Whaley Copper
Missoula 4480 DMEA 25 MB Cook Prospect Manganese
Missoula 5074 DMEA 5 MB Clinton Mine Copper, lead, silver, gold
Missoula 6673 OME 6 MB Bellview, et al., Claims Copper, silver
Park 1483 DMA 5 MB Homestake & Morning Star Claims Copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver
Park 1693 DMA 20 MB Glengary Mine Copper, gold
Park 1937 DMA 6 MB Crazy Mtns Uranium
Park 2291 DMEA 12 MB Miller Creek Claims Copper, silver, gold, iron
Park 3367 DMEA 11 MB Copper Glance Group Copper, lead, zinc
Phillips 6236 OME 106 MB Gold Bug, et al., Claims Gold, silver
Powell 0414 DMA <1 MB Lilly Mine,et al. Lead-zinc
Powell 1171 DMA 9 MB Hard Luck Mines Lead-zinc, silver, gold, cadmium
Powell 1602 DMA 5 MB Whirlwind Lode Claim Copper, silver, gold
Powell 1632 DMA 5 MB Kilburn Group Tungsten, monazite, gold
Powell 1944 DMA 10 MB Sunset Mining claims Lead-zinc
Powell 2217 DMA 6 MB none identified Lead-zinc, copper, silver
Powell 2340 DMEA 4 MB Lolo Nat. Forest Uranium
Powell 2395 DMEA 6 MB Lilly Mine Gold, silver
Powell 2468 DMEA 60 MB New Progress and Old Timer Claims Tungsten, silver, gold, lead
Powell 2496 DMEA 51 MB Golden Anchor Mine Lead-zinc, silver, copper
Powell 2973 DMEA 59 MB Arnold Copper Mine Tungsten
Powell 4437 DMEA 7 MB Monarch Mine Uranium, copper, lead
Powell 5030 DMEA 4 MB Hidden Hand Claim Group Lead
Powell 6028 OME 31 MB Hidden Hand Mine Lead-zinc
Powell 6177 OME 2 MB Jefferson Gulch Placers Gold
Powell 6425 OME 1 MB Silver Reef Mine Silver
Powell 6566 OME 3 MB Monarch Mine Copper, silver
Powell 6654 OME 2 MB Fairview Mine Silver
Powell 6849 OME 5 MB Wolverine Mine Silver, gold
Powell 6867 OME 10 MB Monarch Mine Gold, silver
Ravalli 0184 DMA <1 MB Dundas Property Scheelite
Ravalli 2189 DMA No scan
Ravalli 3118 DMEA 2 MB Broken Hill Mines Manganese
Ravalli 3270 DMEA 8 MB New Strike and Silver Tip Lode Claims Copper
Ravalli 3884 DMEA 17 MB Dark Star Mine Columbium, rare earths
Ravalli 4837 DMEA 2 MB Slate Creek Property Tungsten, copper, silver, lead
Ravalli 6270 OME 27 MB Larrigon Mine Gold
Sanders 0207 DMA 1 MB Scotchman Mine Lead-zinc
Sanders 1175 DMA 73 MB Green Mountain Mine Copper, gold, silver, platinum, palladium
Sanders 1486 DMA 16 MB Revais Creek Copper, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, cobalt
Sanders 1593 DMA 22 MB Ambassador Mine Lead-zinc, silver, copper
Sanders 2103 DMEA 41 MB Allen Copper
Sanders 2498 DMEA 16 MB Monia Mine Copper
Sanders 2518 DMEA 3 MB Bonanza Mine Lead-zinc
Sanders 4171 DMEA 2 MB Holliday Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Sanders 4560 DMEA 8 MB Nellie, et al., Claims Lead-zinc
Sanders 4992 DMEA 5 MB Noxon Mine Copper, lead, zinc
Sanders 6876 OME 2 MB May Claims Copper, silver, gold
Silver Bow 0108 DMA 6 MB Granite Mountain Mine Copper
Silver Bow 0199 DMA <1 MB Gold Star Mining and Milling Gold
Silver Bow 0372 DMA 6 MB Rising Star & Belcher Lead-zinc, silver, gold
Silver Bow 1473 DMA 13 MB Birdie Mine Tungsten, silver
Silver Bow 1592 DMA 7 MB Shorty, Addition & Lulu Claims Copper
Silver Bow 2177 DMA 16 MB Garibaldi Mine Manganese
Silver Bow 2267 DMEA 32 MB Birdie Mine Tungsten, manganese, iron
Silver Bow 2342 DMEA 27 MB Minnie Jane Mine Manganese
Silver Bow 2484 DMEA 11 MB Rising Sun Mine Lead, zinc
Silver Bow 2740 DMEA 54 MB Garibaldi Mine Manganese
Silver Bow 2874 DMEA 316 MB Plutus & Norwich Claims Manganese
Silver Bow 3042 DMEA 3 MB Apex Copper
Silver Bow 3464 DMEA 6 MB New Jersy Claim Manganese
Silver Bow 3603 DMEA 21 MB Marget Ann Lead-zinc, manganese, copper
Silver Bow 3658 DMEA 9 MB Isele Mine Manganese
Silver Bow 3679 DMEA 12 MB Mooney /group Uranium
Silver Bow 4129 DMEA <1 MB Nowich Mine Manganese
Silver Bow 5002 DMEA 6 MB Night Hawk Property Manganese, copper
Silver Bow 5014 DMEA 10 MB Rampart Mine Copper, lead
Silver Bow 6307 OME 3 MB Hancok, et al., Claims Silver, gold
Silver Bow 6809 OME 11 MB Florida Group Silver
Stillwater 0258 DMA <1 MB Mouat Chrome Property Chromium
Sweet Grass 2881 DMEA 9 MB Pine & Sunshine Mines Nickel

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