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Data Series 1004

Historical Files from Federal Government Mineral Exploration-Assistance Programs, 1950 to 1974








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All Office of Minerals Exploration (OME) Dockets in Ascending Order

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Docket File size Property name State abbreviation County All commodities
2115 <1 MB None identified NV
6001 1 MB Walker Field Mine GA Upson Mica
6002 1 MB Joe Corley Prospect GA Upson Mica
6003 28 MB Rice Mine NH Grafton Mica
6006 10 MB Keys Mica Mine NH Grafton Mica
6007 2 MB Midas, et al., Claims WA Whatcom Copper
6008 5 MB Rainbow Claims 1-7 CA San Bernardino Lead, copper, zinc
6009 9 MB Laura Mae Claims UT Beaver Uranium, cobalt
6010 6 MB Kachina Group AZ Pima Copper
6011 24 MB Ed Robinson Property NC Mitchell Mica
6012 1 MB Ruby Red Claims ID Lemhi Thorium, rare earths, rutile, columbium
6013 3 MB Freddie Markle Property UT San Juan Uranium
6014 <1 MB American Nettie Group of Claims CO Ouray Uranium
6015 31 MB Iron Blossom Mine UT Juab Lead, copper
6016 2 MB White Elephant Claims CA Plumas Molybdenum
6017 4 MB Victory, et al., Claims CO Boulder Uranium
6018 2 MB Various Pacific Beach Properties WA Grays Harbor Titanium
6019 2 MB Lone Eagle Claim 1-5 SD Pennington Beryl, mica
6020 41 MB Myers Prospect VA Smyth Zinc
6022 79 MB Lake Central Project CO Clear Creek Copper, lead, zinc
6023 2 MB Dixie Area ID Idaho Columbite-tantalite
6025 No scan Old English NV Nye Uranium
6026 4 MB Cago, et al., Claims MT Beaverhead Thorium, rare earths
6027 36 MB Big Muddy Cinnabar Prospect OR Jefferson Mercury
6028 31 MB Hidden Hand Mine MT Powell Lead-zinc
6029 30 MB Pilot Claim Group ID Shoshone Lead-zinc, copper
6030 11 MB Little Bob Mine GA Paulding Zinc, copper
6031 <1 MB Crystal City Mine WA Lincoln Lead, silver
6032 1 MB Redwing Quicksilver Mine NV Mineral Mercury
6033 24 MB Chicago Lode and Allied Group NV Nye Fluorspar
6034 11 MB Redskin Claims CO Park Uranium
6035 4 MB Government Canyon UT Utah Copper
6036 6 MB Burris Mine No. 1 & Deer Peak No. 1 NM Socorro Manganese
6037 5 MB Coyote Claims (Roadside Mine) AZ Pima Copper
6038 10 MB Evelyn Propsect CA San Luis Obispo Mercury
6039 2 MB Polaris Mine, Rainbow & Triangle areas ID Shoshone Lead, zinc, copper, antimony
6040 2 MB Sullivan & Stewart No. 1 Claims MT Broadwater Lead-zinc
6041 1 MB Bismark-Pelican, et al., Mines CO Clear Creek Lead-zinc
6042 58 MB Reed Mine CA Yolo Mercury
6043 2 MB Jumbo Mine SD Custer Beryl, mica
6044 1 MB Eastate of Ida G. Archerd OR Josephine
6045 29 MB Baltimore Mine MT Jefferson Copper, lead, zinc
6047 1 MB Betty Claim WY Fremont Uranium
6048 4 MB Pyramid Claims NV Elko Copper
6049 1 MB None identified ID Kootenai None identified
6050 43 MB Copper Queen Mine ID Lemhi Copper
6051 <1 MB Gray's No.1 & 2 Claims ID Valley Uranium
6052 3 MB Arthur Fork Property UT Morgan Uranium
6053 2 MB German-Worthington Property MD Howard Beryl
6054 32 MB Welch Mica and Hall Mica Mines NC Macon Mica
6056 No scan Altoona CA Trinity Mercury
6057 22 MB Roebling Mine CT Litchfield Beryl, mica
6058 48 MB Sec. 32.T23N., R11E. NM Taos Beryl, tantalum
6059 3 MB Frying Pan Claims 1-16 CO Pitkin Uranium
6060 6 MB Elk Park Mine CO San Juan Uranium
6061 2 MB Millers Homestead MI Dickinson Copper
6062 1 MB Confidence No. 1-19, et al., Claims AZ Pinal Copper
6063 <1 MB Valley View, Et al., Claims UT Grand Uranium
6064 2 MB Eldorado Claims AZ Pima Copper
6065 3 MB September Group of Claims CA Mono Molybdenum
6066 1 MB White Cloud Claims UT Juab Copper
6067 60 MB Bullion Beck Mine UT Juab Lead-zinc, copper
6068 84 MB Sally Louise Claim Group NV Esmeralda Lead-zinc, copper
6069 6 MB Lakeview Manganese Mine UT Rich Manganese
6070 3 MB Owensville No. 9 & McKessick No. 1 Claims CA Lassen Manganese
6071 4 MB Frank Blanchard Property MN Morrison Beryl, mica
6072 3 MB Jesse Belle Mine CA Madera Copper, cobalt
6073 6 MB Autunite Uranium Claims CA Tuolumne Uranium
6074 21 MB Daly West Mine UT Summit Lead, zinc
6075 7 MB Goose Claims AK Ketchikan Copper
6076 18 MB Altoona Mine CA Trinity Mercury
6077 43 MB Little Bob Prospect GA Paulding Zinc, copper
6078 272 MB Balaklala Mine CA Shasta Copper, zinc
6079 17 MB Keystone Mine UT Summit Lead-zinc
6080 8 MB Continental Chief Property CO Lake Lead-zinc
6081 55 MB Abbott Mine CA Lake Mercury
6082 78 MB Marrieta Mine MT Broadwater Lead-zinc
6083 49 MB Black Diamond Claim SD Custer Beryl, columbium, tantalum
6084 6 MB Dry Lake Area WY Natrona Uranium
6085 8 MB Hill Top Mine ID Lemhi Lead-zinc, silver, gold
6086 25 MB Nisbet Mine OR Clackamas Mercury
6088 2 MB Champion Mine ID Custer Lead-zinc, copper
6089 1 MB Gamebet Claim Group ID Custer Copper
6090 8 MB Copper Camp Prospect ID Valley Copper
6091 1 MB Lost Packer Mine ID Custer Copper
6092 73 MB Loretto Mine Group of Claims CA Inyo Copper
6093 No scan Hamilton (Onetha) NV White Pine Lead-zinc, copper
6094 16 MB Whitelock Claims UT Juab Beryl
6095 1 MB Extension Claims MT Madison Lead
6096 <1 MB Sec.24,25,T3S,R71W. CO Jefferson Uranium
6098 <1 MB Creole Mine UT Beaver Copper, zinc
6099 <1 MB Kidney Creek Claim WA Whatcom Mercury
6101 1 MB Copper Butte Claims WA Ferry Copper
6102 1 MB January Mine MT Broadwater Monazite
6103 1 MB Lost Pick Claims WA Snohomish Gold
6104 97 MB Crawford Pond, et al., Propsects ME Knox Nickel
6105 3 MB Creole Mine UT Beaver Lead-zinc, copper, bismuth
6106 2 MB Jeannie and Bell Hill Claims UT Juab Beryllium
6107 <1 MB Blackhawk, et al., Claim Group CO San Juan Lead-zinc, copper
6108 3 MB Phoenix, et al.,, Claims CO Mineral Lead-zinc, copper
6109 1 MB Monon Claim Group CO Saguache Lead-zinc
6111 93 MB Musick Mine OR Lane Lead-zinc, copper
6112 85 MB Wellington Mine CO Summit Lead-zinc
6113 2 MB THO2 and Thor Claims ID Lemhi Thorium, rare earths
6114 18 MB Carbonate Mine MT Lewis and Clark Lead-zinc
6117 17 MB Aetna Springs CA Napa Mercury
6119 71 MB Iron Blossom, et al., Claims UT Utah Lead, silver, copper
6120 <1 MB Emma Silver Group UT Salt Lake Lead-zinc
6121 1 MB Buster No. 3 Claims SD Custer Mica, beryl
6122 1 MB Humboldt, Sparten, Splendor CO Boulder Gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, fluorspar
6123 No scan Savanic AZ Mohave Copper
6127 2 MB Diamond Property WA Skagit Lead-zinc, copper
6131 14 MB Old Soldier Claim Group AZ Santa Cruz Copper
6132 44 MB East Fork, et al., Claims ID Lemhi Copper, cobalt
6133 22 MB Fern Cinnabar Group ID Valley Mercury
6134 1 MB Mona CO Larimer Columbite-tantalite, beryl, mica
6135 1 MB St. Peters Dome Area CO El Paso Columbium, beryllium
6136 47 MB Leland, Monarch, Spokane ID Kootenai
6137 1 MB Blue Jay No. 1 Claim AZ Gila Asbestos
6139 1 MB Avon property MT Lewis and Clark Gold, silver, lead, zinc
6140 1 MB Hildebrand Mine MT Jefferson Lead
6141 89 MB Mother Lode, Cobar, and Lookout Mountain Group OR Crook Mercury
6142 <1 MB Mountain Queen Mine MT Jefferson Gold, silver, lead, copper
6143 48 MB Bulldog Mountain Property CO Mineral Lead-zinc, silver
6144 13 MB Holden - Cambell Property WA Okanogan Copper
6147 4 MB Wind River Mine WA Skamania Gold, silver
6148 154 MB Mikado et al., Claims AK Fairbanks Gold
6149 <1 MB Galena Property OR Coos Gold, silver
6150 1 MB Sec.13.T8N,R2W. UT Box Elder Iron
6151 1 MB Arnold, et al., Claims CO Teller Gold
6152 3 MB Boston, et al., Claims ID Bonner Gold, silver
6153 1 MB McNight Placer CO Boulder Gold, silver, tellurium
6154 1 MB At Last Mines AZ Yavapai Gold
6155 <1 MB Velvet Valley Claim CO Gilpin Gold
6156 <1 MB Green Cambell Mine MT Madison None identified
6157 <1 MB Mint and Bullion, et al., Groups OR Josephine Gold
6159 7 MB Topaz Mountain Properties UT Juab Beryllium
6160 5 MB Walter A, Hart Property WA Okanogan Silver, gold
6163 40 MB Old English Mine NV Nye Gold, uranium
6164 2 MB Stone Pegmatite NH Sullivan Beryl, mica
6165 <1 MB Green Dale Claim SD Custer Beryllium
6166 15 MB Visina and Mountain Maid Claims AZ Cochise Silver
6167 33 MB Comeback Mine CA Plumas Gold, platinum
6168 84 MB Keystone Mine CA San Luis Obispo Mercury
6170 17 MB Hawkeye, et al., Claims CO Ouray Gold, silver
6171 1 MB Alto Juan Property (Golden Goose Mine) CO San Juan Gold, silver, base metals
6172 4 MB Church Mountain Claims WA Whatcom Copper
6174 1 MB Silver Saddle and North Star Claims MT Broadwater Gold, lead, silver
6176 1 MB Silver Star Queen Mine ID Blaine Lead-zinc, silver
6177 2 MB Jefferson Gulch Placers MT Powell Gold
6178 2 MB Crystal Mine MT Jefferson Lead-zinc, copper
6179 1 MB Sec.29,30,31,32. AZ Pinal Copper
6180 2 MB Crown Mine AZ Gila Asbestos
6183 1 MB Sam Gatty Mine MT Lewis and Clark Lead, silver
6184 1 MB Eldorado, et al., Claims MT Jefferson Gold, silver, lead
6185 4 MB Democrat, et al., Claims ID Lemhi Lead, silver, gold
6186 <1 MB Mayflower Mine UT Unknown County None identified
6187 24 MB Angle Liberty Mine CA Sierra Gold
6188 <1 MB Golden Goose Mine AZ Yavapai Gold
6189 81 MB Pochahontas, et al., Claims MT Granite Silver, lead, zinc, manganese, uranium
6190 2 MB Pope-Shenon Mine ID Lemhi Copper
6191 2 MB Bi-Metals, et al., Claims AZ Mohave Gold
6192 1 MB Hildamae Group of Claims ID Boise Gold
6193 33 MB Gold Queen,et al., Claims CA Sierra Gold
6194 2 MB R-G Mine ID Shoshone Copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver
6195 1 MB Adobe Walls Dome TX Brewster Mercury
6198 3 MB Heagon, et al., Claims MT Jefferson Lead, silver, gold
6200 2 MB John L., et al., Claims MT Broadwater Lead-zinc, gold, silver
6201 87 MB Cameron Mine CA Plumas Gold
6202 7 MB Sec.4,8,9,16,17. CO Moffat Gold
6204 62 MB Golden Gate and American Claims CA Sierra Gold
6205 75 MB Summit Mine AZ Mohave Silver, lead, zinc
6207 1 MB Black Bear, et al., Claims CO Montezuma Gold, silver, lead
6208 <1 MB Fairview Claims WA Pend Oreille Lead, copper, iron, scheelite
6209 1 MB Reymert Mine AZ Pinal Silver, copper
6210 <1 MB Uranium Point and Zone Claims WY Fremont Uranium
6212 3 MB Idaho Champion Mine ID Idaho Gold
6213 1 MB Shanko Creek Prospect MT Flathead Copper, silver, manganese
6214 10 MB Bread Pan, et al., Claims AZ Gila Beryl
6215 5 MB Kittimac Mine CO San Juan Lead-zinc, copper
6216 26 MB RLD AK Fairbanks Gold
6219 35 MB Morning Star Mine NV White Pine Silver
6220 1 MB Madison Mines, et al. UT Tooele Gold, copper, lead, zinc
6224 3 MB Blue Grouse Mine MT Flathead Gold, silver
6225 <1 MB Darrar Tract ID Shoshone Silver, copper
6226 2 MB Buckhorn Property WA Okanogan Gold, copper
6227 23 MB Forrest Hill Mine CO Gunnison Silver, gold, lead, zinc, copper
6228 34 MB Henry Clay Claims NM Hidalgo Copper, gold, silver
6229 1 MB Caldo, et al., Claims WA Chelan Gold, silver
6231 260 MB Nye Molybdeum Mine CO Gilpin Molybdenum
6232 1 MB Carlu-Pauline Lode Mining Claim MT Jefferson Copper, gold
6233 <1 MB Diamond, et al., Claims WA Skagit None identified
6234 79 MB Lee Mine CA Inyo Silver
6235 <1 MB Mountain Lilly Claim Group MT Madison Gold, lead, silver, zinc
6236 106 MB Gold Bug, et al., Claims MT Phillips Gold, silver
6237 2 MB Thumper Lodes No.1 & 2 MT Gallatin Mica
6238 1 MB Lone Butte, et al., Claims UT San Juan Uranium
6240 3 MB Rosetta Mine MT Lewis and Clark Copper, silver
6243 104 MB Benton Prospect AR Saline Iron, columbium, tantalum, bauxite
6244 15 MB Empire Copper Mine ID Custer Copper
6245 2 MB Lost Packer Mine ID Custer None identified
6246 1 MB Midas, et al., Claims WA Whatcom Gold, silver, copper
6248 2 MB Franklin and Sam Gatty Mines MT Lewis and Clark Gold, silver
6249 3 MB Red Mountain Mine ID Valley Gold, silver
6250 59 MB Brooklyn Property CO San Juan Gold, silver
6251 1 MB Owen-Roybal Claim Group NM Taos Beryl, columbite
6252 3 MB Holey Moses, et al., Claims CO Mineral Lead-zinc, silver
6253 40 MB Diamond Mine NV Eureka Gold, silver
6254 1 MB Gold Run (Billings) Prospect CO Montezuma Gold, silver
6255 <1 MB Sec.230, Blk G-4 TX Brewster Mercury
6256 76 MB Oriental Mine CA Sierra Gold
6258 <1 MB Mag Lode and Placer Claims CO Fremont Iron
6259 <1 MB Sec 127, Blk G-4 TX Brewster Mercury
6260 3 MB Skougard Property UT Iron Silver
6263 37 MB Excelcior, et al., Claims MT Beaverhead Gold, silver, bismuth, tellurium
6264 40 MB Sun Con Area ID Shoshone Silver
6265 <1 MB Old Ironsides Property CO Saguache Iron
6266 <1 MB Sec.32 UT San Juan Uranium
6267 1 MB Jeanene Claim Group AZ Mohave Beryl
6268 1 MB Sunrise Claim No.1 MT Madison Lead-zinc, silver, gold
6270 27 MB Larrigon Mine MT Ravalli Gold
6271 59 MB Kuskokwim Recording District AK Kuskokwim Bay Mercury
6276 1 MB Needle Gun, et. al. MT Granite Silver
6277 128 MB Little Falls Prospect ID Boise Molybdenum
6278 89 MB Gold Queen Mine CA Sierra Gold
6279 1 MB O&O Manganese Prospect WA Clallam Manganese
6284 2 MB Sara G Claims CO La Plata Silver
6285 5 MB Blackbird Mine ID Lemhi Copper
6286 41 MB Democrat, et al., Claims ID Lemhi Silver, gold
6287 4 MB Grabinski Mine MT Madison Gold
6288 139 MB Bulldog Mountain Fault CO Mineral Silver
6289 128 MB Midnight Mine CO Pitkin Silver
6290 2 MB Twinn Canyon Claims CO Montezuma Gold, silver
6291 <1 MB Friend Claims CO Chaffee Beryl
6292 10 MB West End Creek ID Valley None identified
6293 3 MB Atlanta and Idaho Claims ID Blaine Silver
6294 9 MB Lost Creek Claims WA Pend Oreille Uranium
6296 2 MB Patsie, Helen, and Marion claims CO Ouray Silver, gold, rare earths
6297 4 MB Allied, Battery, Subway, and Dead Horse Groups WY Fremont Uranium
6298 46 MB Rainbow Claims CA San Bernardino Silver
6299 1 MB Pedro Mining Claim MT Madison Gold
6302 <1 MB Diamond Mine WA Skagit Gold, silver
6303 <1 MB Clayton Mine ID Custer Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
6304 101 MB Keystone Mine AK Fairbanks Gold, silver
6305 <1 MB Great Western Claim CO Pitkin Silver
6306 17 MB Bald Mountain Claim Group CA Sierra Gold
6307 3 MB Hancok, et al., Claims MT Silver Bow Silver, gold
6308 106 MB Ruby Mine MT Jefferson Gold, silver
6309 21 MB Lost Packer Mine ID Custer Gold
6310 No scan Buckhorn, et al., Claims ID Lemhi Lead, silver
6311 8 MB Star, etal., Placer Claims OR Grant Gold
6312 <1 MB Graham Mines CO San Juan Silver
6313 1 MB Gold Plate No.1 & 2 Claims OR Jackson Gold, platinum
6314 106 MB West Shirley Basin WY Carbon Uranium
6316 48 MB Hilltop, et al., Claims ID Lemhi Silver, gold
6317 17 MB Los Compadres Silver Property NV Esmeralda Silver, gold
6318 <1 MB Sugar Quartz Claims OR Malheur Gold
6319 56 MB Oregon King Mine OR Jefferson Silver, gold
6320 22 MB Clifford Mine CO Clear Creek Molybdenum
6322 <1 MB Poor Boy and Lena Claims TX Hudspeth Silver
6324 87 MB Clayton Mine ID Custer Silver
6325 5 MB Topaz Mountain UT Juab Beryllium
6326 63 MB Comet, et al., Claims MT Beaverhead Silver
6327 26 MB Xerox and Lady Bug Claims AZ Gila Iron
6328 16 MB Halcyon, et al., Claims CA Shasta Gold, silver
6333 29 MB Mugwump Mine CA Sierra Gold
6335 1 MB Chisholm Mine OR Jackson Manganese, cinnabar
6336 1 MB Flora Belle Mine OR Jackson Mercury
6337 1 MB Big Horn, et al., Claims ID Butte Silver
6338 49 MB Jumbo Basin, Prince of Wales Island AK Ketchikan Iron
6340 26 MB Pyramid Mine CA Mariposa Gold
6341 <1 MB Blue Knob Claims AZ Maricopa Gold, silver, platinum, iron
6342 <1 MB Pacific Mine MT Madison Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
6343 1 MB Gold Reef Mine MT Granite Gold, silver, copper
6344 102 MB Summitville Mine CO Rio Grande Gold, silver
6345 34 MB Gold Leaf Claims MT Madison Silver, gold
6346 9 MB Judge Project UT Wasatch Silver
6348 49 MB Madrone Quicksilver Mine CA San Luis Obispo Mercury
6349 60 MB Beta-Kappa Claims and Leases Properties MT Fergus Gold, silver
6350 158 MB Pixie,et al., Claims NV Lander Silver
6351 7 MB Red Signe, et al., Claims CO Boulder Gold
6354 26 MB Father Lode Claims( Mammoth Mine) ID Idaho Gold, silver
6355 36 MB Tighter Mines Property CA Sierra Gold
6356 36 MB Mt. Jackson Mine CA Sonoma Mercury
6359 1 MB Fontana Claims Group AZ Yuma Gold
6361 33 MB Gopher Hill Mine CA Plumas Gold
6362 9 MB Goldstone Mine ID Lemhi Gold
6364 7 MB Sunflower Properties AZ Maricopa Mercury
6366 6 MB Lucky Seven Mine AZ Gila Asbestos
6367 4 MB Black Mountain Prospect AZ Mohave Molybdenum
6369 191 MB Crawford Pond, et al, Claims ME Knox Nickel
6370 <1 MB Crown Point Property UT San Juan Silver
6373 35 MB Escalante Silver Mines UT Iron Silver
6374 <1 MB Wewissa Mine CO Ouray Silver
6375 1 MB Cat Track OR Malheur Silver, antimony, bismuth
6376 1 MB Gold Dollar and Gold Bullion Claims CO Gilpin Silver
6377 1 MB Lavonne Prospect CO Ouray Silver
6378 8 MB Yellow Basin Area AZ Mohave Molybdenum
6379 54 MB Meadow Mine MT Jefferson Silver
6380 2 MB Copper Glance mine WA Okanogan Silver, zinc, copper
6381 3 MB Silver Moon Claim Group ID Lemhi Silver
6382 13 MB Granite MT Granite Silver, gold, copper, lead, zinc, manganese
6383 2 MB Atlas Claims AZ Mohave Gold, silver
6384 1 MB Bessie Jr., et al., Claims CO La Plata Gold, silver
6385 52 MB Gibralter Drift Mine CA Sierra Gold
6386 2 MB Diamond, et al., Claims WA Skagit Silver, gold
6387 1 MB Capps Fee Property TX Mason Mica
6389 89 MB New Departure Mine MT Beaverhead Silver
6390 2 MB Big Smokey, et al. ID Lemhi Lead, copper, gold, silver
6391 <1 MB Golconda Mine MT Madison Lead
6393 1 MB Mormon Girl Claims AZ Yavapai Silver
6394 7 MB Venus Mine NM Hidalgo Silver
6395 <1 MB Dakota Maid, et al., Claims CO Custer Silver
6396 5 MB Properity, et al., Claims MT Mineral Lead
6397 4 MB Yankee Fork Mine(McFadden, Fraction Lode Claims) ID Custer Gold, silver, copper
6398 3 MB Lake Central Project CO Clear Creek Gold, silver
6399 1 MB Silver Belle Mine CO Clear Creek Silver
6401 1 MB Carretto, et al., Claims AZ Cochise Silver
6402 <1 MB Rosebud Mine ID Butte None identified
6403 5 MB Twinn Peaks NM Grant Silver
6404 <1 MB Linzy Pines Group of Claims UT Box Elder Silver, gold
6405 3 MB San Juan Mine CO San Miguel Silver, gold
6406 <1 MB Comer Prospect ID Blaine Silver
6407 1 MB Mighty Monarch, et al., Claims CO San Juan Silver
6408 7 MB A B Claims WY Carbon Uranium, selenium
6410 211 MB Nancy Hanks, et. al. Claims MT Granite Gold
6411 12 MB South Taylor Project NV White Pine None identified
6414 19 MB Red Gap Claims CA Alpine Silver, gold
6415 94 MB Lenado Area CO Pitkin Silver
6416 1 MB Wichita Claims NM Taos Silver
6417 6 MB Idumea Claims UT Tooele Silver
6418 <1 MB Belle Mine MT Jefferson
6419 20 MB Albany and Silver Wing Claim CO Summit Silver
6420 3 MB Champion Mine MT Deer Lodge Silver, gold
6421 5 MB Oak Mine OR Josephine Gold, copper, lead, zinc
6422 29 MB Hazel Mine TX Culberson Silver
6423 7 MB Red River Propsect NM Taos Gold, silver
6425 1 MB Silver Reef Mine MT Powell Silver
6426 <1 MB Star No.1 and Skyline No.1 Claims AZ Cochise Uranium
6427 22 MB Moco Claims NV Eureka Silver
6429 4 MB Bullion, et al., Claims MT Jefferson Gold, silver, lead, zinc
6430 4 MB Empire Mine MT Lewis and Clark Gold, silver
6432 2 MB Roy and Apex Properties WA Lewis Mercury
6433 1 MB Fluorite No. 1-8 Claims CO Jackson Fluorspar
6434 <1 MB South Side, et al., Claims CO Chaffee Silver
6435 1 MB Little Katie Lode Claim MT Jefferson Silver
6436 106 MB Cortez Mine & Rossi Property NV Eureka Silver
6437 <1 MB Rob Roy and Red Top Claims ID Custer Silver
6438 2 MB Ashland Mine OR Jackson Gold, silver
6439 1 MB Forest Hill Mine--Park Vein CO Gunnison Copper, silver, gold
6440 37 MB Bird Creek Mine CO Mineral Silver
6441 2 MB Blue Bird, et. al. MT Granite Gold, silver
6442 5 MB Obie Group MT Lewis and Clark Gold, silver
6443 1 MB Bonanza Mine OR Douglas Mercury
6444 <1 MB Lake Buchanan and Iron Rock Creek Areas TX Burnet Silver
6445 4 MB Silver Coin Mine MT Lewis and Clark Silver
6446 1 MB Parnell, et al., Claims MT Granite Silver
6448 <1 MB Henrietta Mine CO San Juan Silver
6449 83 MB Betty O'Neal Mine NV Lander Silver
6450 3 MB Bowie Claims AZ Cochise Silver
6451 4 MB Black Rock and Black Jack Group of Claims ID Custer Gold, silver
6452 119 MB Vipont Property UT Box Elder Silver
6454 58 MB Oriental Mine CA Sierra Gold
6455 63 MB De Lamar Mine ID Owyhee Gold, silver
6456 15 MB Maury Mountain Mine OR Crook Mercury
6457 1 MB Silver King Group ID Boise Silver
6460 65 MB B-Reefs WA Chelan Gold
6461 2 MB Silver Queen Prospect OR Baker Silver, gold
6463 1 MB Myrtle Claims UT Uintah Silver
6464 3 MB Liberty Gem Mine ID Blaine Silver
6465 34 MB Royal and Deerhorn Claims AZ Santa Cruz Silver
6466 1 MB Silver Ridge Claims ID Valley Silver
6467 7 MB Little Mary , et al., Claims AZ Pima Silver
6468 4 MB Iron Mountain Claims CO Park Gold
6470 <1 MB H.H. & R. Mine AZ Mohave Silver
6471 1 MB Dorothy J., et al., Claims ID Lemhi Gold, silver
6472 <1 MB Armells Producer and High Hope Claims MT Fergus Lead-zinc, copper, silver
6473 11 MB Smuggler-Durrant and Della S Properties CO Pitkin Silver
6474 1 MB Golden Nugget Mining Claim ID Custer Gold, silver
6475 6 MB Fourth of July, et al., Claims CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6476 <1 MB War Eagle and Silver Hill Claims ID Cassia None identified
6477 3 MB Silver Queen Claim MT Jefferson Silver
6478 8 MB Vertex and Slide Group of Claims CO San Juan Silver, gold
6479 43 MB Schofield Mine NV Lincoln Silver
6480 26 MB Keno, et al., Claims CO Ouray Silver
6481 69 MB Cook Cliams ID Owyhee Gold, silver
6482 4 MB Silver King 1 & 2 AZ Mohave Silver
6483 14 MB Rex Montis Silver Mine CA Inyo Silver
6484 6 MB Rainbow Silver Mine AZ Pinal Silver
6485 11 MB Golden Eagle Mine NV Elko Silver, gold
6486 31 MB M. & M. Enterprises Claims NM Grant Silver, gold
6487 7 MB Silver Eagle Lode Claims CO San Miguel Gold, silver
6488 5 MB Eagle Creek Antimony Mine AK Fairbanks Antimony
6489 2 MB Ransom Lode CO San Juan Silver
6490 41 MB Lucky Jim Group of Claims(Silver Ridge Property) CA San Bernardino Silver
6491 6 MB Hollis Property CO Lake Silver
6492 9 MB Nuna Claims AK Unknown County Molybdenum
6493 118 MB Cardiff Mine and Leased Properties UT Salt Lake Silver
6494 5 MB Diablo and Copper Queen Claims and State Lands TX Culberson Silver, cadmium
6495 98 MB Beardsley,et al., Group of Claims ID Custer Silver
6496 14 MB Dolly Varden, et al., Claims CO Park Silver, gold
6497 13 MB Rex Claims MT Lincoln Silver
6498 3 MB Silver Hope Claims UT Tooele Silver
6499 19 MB Northern Star, et al., Claims ID Custer Silver
6500 29 MB Silver Hill Property NV Mineral Silver, gold
6501 4 MB Antelope Group of Claims UT Sevier Silver, gold
6502 7 MB Nellie G Claim CO Hinsdale Silver, gold
6503 10 MB Humbolt, et al., Claims CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6504 5 MB Jimmy Boy, et al., Claims CA Plumas Gold, silver
6505 7 MB New York Silver Lease AZ Santa Cruz Silver
6506 4 MB Chivington, et al., Claims CO Boulder Silver
6507 11 MB Secs.38,50, and 60 TX Presidio Silver
6508 12 MB Secs. 43-46 & 56-58 TX Brewster Mercury
6509 15 MB Gold Belt Tunnel CO Clear Creek Silver
6510 5 MB Mr. Jim, et al., Claims AZ Gila Silver
6511 12 MB Jo Dandy and Santa Anita Claims MT Broadwater Silver
6512 25 MB Inspiration and Boundary Claims NV Esmeralda Silver
6513 8 MB State School Lease and Mogul Claims UT Box Elder Silver
6514 19 MB Mammoth Mine UT Juab Silver, gold
6515 2 MB Old Sparks Property GA Troup Beryl
6516 5 MB Shelton-Sparks Property NC Wilkes Silver
6517 23 MB Old Dominion Mine (Ortega Mine) CA Orange Silver
6518 9 MB Plainview Mine NV Pershing Silver, gold
6519 8 MB Amos Capps part of Old Burgess Land NC Halifax Gold
6520 41 MB Janus Group MT Madison Silver, gold, copper
6521 16 MB Latchstring Group MT Madison Silver, gold
6522 22 MB Nellie Bly Group MT Madison Silver, gold
6523 14 MB Terra Cotta Group MT Madison Silver, gold
6524 47 MB Mountain Top and Terrible 3 Mine CO Ouray Silver
6525 4 MB Adams Lease(Swift Silver Mine) KY Wolfe Silver, platinum
6526 18 MB Big Horn Extension Group of Claims NV Esmeralda Silver
6527 9 MB Land Rover Group of Claims NV Pershing Silver
6528 2 MB Silver Bullion Property ID Boise Silver
6529 11 MB Tintic Lead Co. Lease UT Beaver Silver
6530 3 MB Evergreen Mine NV Esmeralda Silver
6531 2 MB B.C.C. & Black Group of Claims AZ Yuma Iron, silver
6532 4 MB Golden Rod Group of Claims NV Churchill Silver
6533 9 MB Canyon Consolidation Claims OR Curry Gold
6534 41 MB Silverton and Cottonwood Group of Claims AK Fairbanks Silver, gold
6535 5 MB Hurley Tunnel Mine CO San Juan Gold, silver
6536 16 MB Silver Cloud Mine NV Humboldt Silver, gold
6537 44 MB Sterling and South End Group of Claims NV Lincoln Silver
6538 4 MB Ramore Group WA Okanogan Silver
6539 4 MB Klondyke Mine NV Esmeralda Silver
6540 2 MB Pee Wee Group of Claims NV Nye Mercury
6541 9 MB Ballard, President, et al,., Claims CO Lake Silver, bismuth
6542 53 MB Pembroke Property ME Washington Silver
6543 2 MB Ontario Mine NM Grant Silver, gold
6544 83 MB Charlotte Mine Lease NJ Sussex Uranium, rare earths
6545 15 MB Unpatented Claims AK Chignik Silver
6546 14 MB Silver Creek Prospect AK Unknown County Silver
6547 5 MB Johnson Prospect NV Humboldt Silver, gold
6548 78 MB Little Treasure and Adjust Mines AZ Pinal Silver
6549 54 MB Round Mountain Prospect CO Custer Silver
6550 5 MB Ponca-Boxley Area Property AR Newton Silver
6551 1 MB Pointsetta Group of Claims NV Mineral Mercury
6552 22 MB Brighton No. 2 et al., Claims CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6553 3 MB Claims 2,3, and 5 Sourdough Creek AK Fairbanks Gold
6554 70 MB Sioux City ,et al.,Claims CO San Juan Silver
6555 10 MB Monte Queen Mine CO Hinsdale Silver, bismuth, gold
6556 3 MB Marcella Groupof Claims UT Uintah Silver, nickel, manganese, gold
6557 133 MB Florence Mine MT Cascade Silver
6558 158 MB Double Rainbow Mine SD Lawrence Silver
6559 1 MB Royal Charter and Little Nation Lode Claims CO San Juan Gold, silver
6560 16 MB Fouress Prospect WA Lincoln Silver
6561 15 MB Nye Property CO Gilpin Molybdenum
6562 21 MB Hard Luck No.1 & 2 Claims AK Unknown County Gold, platinum
6563 8 MB Wabash, et al., Claims NV Pershing Silver
6564 57 MB Milly Mine CA Sierra Gold
6565 2 MB Phillip E. Flananga & Associates Claim Groups WY Sweetwater Uranium
6566 3 MB Monarch Mine MT Powell Copper, silver
6567 32 MB Florence Mine CA El Dorado Silver
6568 52 MB San Rafael Mine NV Nye Silver
6569 15 MB Copper Stack Group of Claims AZ Yavapai Copper, gold, silver
6570 72 MB Anglo Saxon Mine CO Clear Creek Silver
6571 3 MB Rattlesnake Claims CA Del Norte Gold, platinum
6572 3 MB Oro Fina Claim CA Mariposa Gold, silver
6573 3 MB Yankey Boy Claim NM Sierra Gold, silver, copper
6574 73 MB Indians-Arizona and Silver Hill Mines AZ Pima Copper, silver
6575 16 MB Silver Bow Mining District NV Nye Gold, silver
6576 7 MB Butterfly Mine MT Lewis and Clark Copper, silver
6577 18 MB Forest Hill Mine CO Gunnison Copper, silver, gold
6578 30 MB CWT Property AZ Pima Copper
6579 17 MB Lease 58405, WA state. WA Chelan Gold
6580 21 MB Lane Silver Mine AZ Yavapai Silver
6581 12 MB Cardinal Claims ID Lemhi Copper, gold, silver
6582 25 MB Equity Mine CO Mineral Silver
6583 29 MB Chagvan Prospect AK Bethel Platinum, gold
6584 5 MB Silver Slipper Prospect NV Storey Silver
6585 15 MB Patricia Lee, et al., Claims CO Gunnison Silver
6586 18 MB Silver Queen Claims MT Beaverhead Silver
6587 98 MB Elkhorn Mine MT Jefferson Silver
6588 60 MB Capital Prize Mine CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6589 11 MB Hayes Group SD Lawrence Silver
6590 10 MB Golden Turkey Mines AZ Yavapai Silver, gold
6591 2 MB Silver Star Mine NM Taos Silver, nickel
6592 3 MB Bluebell Claims CO Montezuma Gold, silver
6593 7 MB Silver Creek Mine WA Snohomish Copper, silver, gold
6594 7 MB High Tariff Claim MT Meagher Silver
6595 7 MB Lark Lee Mine MT Madison Silver
6596 7 MB Vermillion Group of Lode Claims CO San Juan Silver, gold, copper
6597 40 MB Argonaut Claims OR Baker Gold, silver
6598 4 MB Bonanza Mine NV Pershing Silver
6599 9 MB Paymaster Mine Group AZ Pima Silver, copper
6600 2 MB Lakeside Mine NV Clark Copper
6601 78 MB Mt Lincoln Mines CO Park Silver
6602 3 MB May and Jump Claims WY Fremont Copper, gold, silver
6603 57 MB Copper Basin Mine ID Custer Copper, silver, gold
6604 28 MB Latimer Mine GA Wilkes Gold
6605 3 MB Uranawish Claims No. 1-5 WA Stevens Silver, gold
6606 1 MB Last Chance No. 2 CA Inyo Mercury
6607 22 MB Silver Bow Mine CA San Benito Silver
6608 6 MB Moose Creek Placer Project AK Fairbanks Gold
6609 5 MB Argentite Claim ID Valley Silver
6610 5 MB Good Hope Claims ID Blaine Silver
6611 40 MB Bradshaw, et al., Claims NV Lincoln Silver, gold
6612 16 MB American Girl, et al., Claims ID Boise Silver
6613 56 MB Copper King Project CO Gunnison Copper, silver
6614 9 MB Eldorado, et al., Group of Claims AK Unknown County Copper, gold, silver, nickel
6615 32 MB Hilltop Property CO Park Silver, gold, copper
6616 15 MB Pine Creek Property OR Baker Gold
6617 3 MB Mark Thomas Property CO La Plata Gold, platinum group metals, mercury
6618 56 MB Ophir Property CO San Miguel Molybdenum, copper
6619 6 MB Greenstone Mine MT Beaverhead Copper, silver
6620 35 MB Colorado Central Mine CO Clear Creek Silver
6621 8 MB Copper Head Mine AZ Mohave Silver
6622 33 MB Eldorado Group of Claims AZ Yavapai Silver
6623 1 MB Gandy Dancer Claims UT Garfield Silver, copper, gold, mercury
6624 4 MB Bonnez Property( formerly Bondholder) CO Saguache Silver
6625 10 MB Chance Mine AZ Cochise Silver
6626 5 MB Sherry Kay No. 4, et al., Claims CA Humboldt Mercury, platinum
6627 6 MB Titusville and Adjacent Properties CO San Juan Silver
6628 1 MB Red Dirt Claims CA San Bernardino Silver
6629 23 MB Davis-Dunkirk Property AZ Yavapai Silver
6630 60 MB Palmetto Property CO Hinsdale Silver
6631 12 MB Red Cloud Mine ID Blaine Silver, copper, gold
6632 48 MB Red Mountain Mining District CO Ouray Copper
6633 7 MB Georgia Bell Mine NM Luna Silver, copper
6634 5 MB Picacho Placer Mining Co. CA Imperial Gold, silver, tungsten
6635 37 MB Burgierosa Group MT Beaverhead Silver
6636 25 MB Beaver Rim Area WY Fremont Uranium
6637 30 MB Rock and Roll Mining Claims MT Jefferson Silver
6638 25 MB Diltz Mine CA Mariposa Gold
6639 31 MB Tintic-Shian, et al., Group of Claims MT Granite Silver
6640 108 MB Keystone Mine Property CO Gunnison Silver
6641 21 MB Inca Group of Claims NV Pershing Silver
6642 5 MB Silvercrest Mine MT Madison Silver, copper
6643 12 MB King Solomon Vein ID Boise Silver
6644 18 MB Copper King, et al., Claims AZ Yavapai Copper
6645 26 MB Lucky Jack Mine CA Plumas Gold
6646 118 MB Crown Point and East Crown Point Claims UT Juab Silver
6647 21 MB Hugh's Bonanza Claims CA Inyo Silver
6648 13 MB Silver Lode and Silver Streak Claims NM Socorro Silver
6649 2 MB Silver Chain Claims NV Esmeralda Silver
6650 41 MB Carl Claims CA San Bernardino Silver
6651 32 MB Pope-Shenon Mine ID Lemhi Copper
6652 29 MB Silver Chief MT Granite Silver, copper
6653 14 MB Starr Placer Property CO Lake Silver
6654 2 MB Fairview Mine MT Powell Silver
6655 4 MB Wallis Quartz Claim CA Tuolumne Silver, gold
6656 2 MB Benlick Claims CA San Luis Obispo Uranium
6657 2 MB Royal Dilemma, Lost Victory Claims, et al. CA San Bernardino Silver, gold, copper
6658 23 MB Pyramid Mine NV Churchill Silver
6659 30 MB Gold Hill Property WA Whatcom Silver
6660 11 MB Savanic Mine AZ Mohave Copper
6661 1 MB Silver Dome Property MT Broadwater Silver
6662 9 MB Star Mine CO Gunnison Silver
6663 2 MB Slide No. 1 & 2 Claims CO Summit Gold, silver
6664 2 MB Big Step Prospect ID Bonner Silver
6665 19 MB Buchanan Mine CA Tuolumne Gold
6666 1 MB Cameron and Glacier Group of Claims CA Plumas Gold
6667 44 MB East Bristol Area NV Lincoln Silver
6668 6 MB Iron Mask Mine MT Beaverhead Silver, gold
6669 8 MB Blue Light Silver Mine CA Orange Silver, gold
6670 4 MB Moose Creek Silver MT Jefferson Gold, silver
6671 6 MB Henrietta Mine CO San Juan Silver, copper
6672 5 MB Champion mine MT Deer Lodge Silver, gold
6673 6 MB Bellview, et al., Claims MT Missoula Copper, silver
6674 8 MB New Hemet Belle Mine CA Riverside Gold
6675 6 MB Forty Four Prospect OR Linn Silver, gold, copper
6676 14 MB High Ore Claims ID Blaine Silver, lead, zinc
6677 2 MB Lucky Strike Claims NM Grant Gold, silver
6678 3 MB Venus No.1 Mine NM Socorro Silver, gold, copper
6679 15 MB Copperopolis Property AZ Yavapai Copper, gold, silver
6680 9 MB Joby Claims CO San Juan Copper, lead, gold, zinc, silver
6681 1 MB Lucky Lion Properties CO Dolores Gold, silver
6682 15 MB Pilot Mine CA Plumas Copper, silver, gold
6683 1 MB Long Ridge No.1 & 2 Claims UT Millard Manganese
6684 9 MB Fairview Claims No. 1 through 6. WA Pend Oreille Silver, copper
6685 3 MB B and M Mine AK Talkeetna Gold
6686 12 MB Silver Tip Claims NM Taos Silver, gold
6687 16 MB Carter and Way Up Mines CO Gunnison Gold, silver
6688 17 MB Halcyon, et al., Claims CA Shasta Gold, silver
6689 88 MB Ice Lake Project CO San Juan Gold, silver
6690 4 MB Emma Bell and Adolphus Claims MT Jefferson Gold, silver
6691 11 MB Gold Spot, Golden West, Golden Eagle Claim Groups AZ Maricopa Gold, silver
6692 19 MB Great American Claims, et al. AZ Cochise Silver, gold
6693 2 MB Wildcat Placer ID Idaho Gold
6694 16 MB Molas Group, et al., Claims CO San Juan Silver
6695 12 MB Avalanche Group MT Broadwater Gold
6696 33 MB New Idra Mine, Sulfur Springs Creek Zone CA San Benito Mercury
6697 21 MB Homestake Group and Edith Claims NV Churchill Gold, silver
6698 8 MB Wildflower Group of Claims CO Eagle Silver, gold, copper
6699 21 MB New Pass Mine NV Churchill Gold, silver
6700 8 MB Buster No. 1 & 2 Claims MT Beaverhead Silver
6701 33 MB Sunrise Prospect WA Snohomish Copper, molybdenum, tungsten
6702 11 MB Bourne Group of Claims OR Baker Gold, silver
6703 15 MB St. Regis Paper Co. WA Pierce Mercury
6704 19 MB Vekol Mine AZ Pinal Silver
6705 5 MB Coffield's Quartz Claim, et al. AK Talkeetna Gold
6706 4 MB Respini Ranch CA Marin Mercury
6707 18 MB Merritt Prospect OK Garvin Copper, silver
6708 7 MB Helen Mine CA Lake Mercury
6709 14 MB Corda Mine CA Marin Mercury
6710 4 MB Big Bonanza, et al., Claims CO Summit Silver, gold
6711 7 MB Grewal Ranch CA Santa Barbara Silver
6712 36 MB Arizona Mine NV Pershing Silver
6713 8 MB Hansen Farm CO Bent Uranium, silver, gold
6714 19 MB Baggett Property AL Clay Gold
6715 6 MB H.D. Stalcup Property NC Cherokee Gold, silver
6716 16 MB Whir Property CA San Bernardino Cobalt, copper, molybdenum
6717 23 MB Mena Mine CO Jefferson Silver, uranium
6718 56 MB Gibralter Drift Mine CA Sierra Gold
6719 89 MB Mosquito Mining Distict CO Park Gold, silver
6720 4 MB Bride Claim CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6721 1 MB Utah Mine UT Juab Silver
6722 6 MB Mohave Butte Claims AZ Mohave Gold, silver
6723 43 MB Ophir-Dexter, et al., Group of Claims NV Nye Silver
6724 3 MB Chisna and Bonnie Group of Claims AK Unknown County Gold
6725 33 MB Burbank Property WA Ferry Gold, silver
6726 4 MB John C. Dawes Property NC Person Platinum, gold
6727 18 MB Telegraph Mines CA San Bernardino Gold, silver
6728 17 MB Aspen, et al., Claims NV Eureka Gold
6729 6 MB Monte Queen Mine CO Hinsdale Silver, gold
6730 38 MB Buckskin Joe Mine CO Park Silver, gold
6731 6 MB Baxter Spring Claims NV Nye Gold, silver
6732 8 MB Lucin Mining District UT Box Elder Silver
6733 2 MB Scholes and Lawson Homesteads ID Bonneville Silver, gold
6734 3 MB Quartz Queen Claims CA San Bernardino Silver, copper, molybdenum
6735 19 MB English Mt. Mine CA Nevada Copper, molybdenum
6736 23 MB Ashe Peak Mine AZ Greenlee Silver, gold
6737 3 MB Monte Group Claims UT San Juan Uranium
6738 9 MB Magonigal Ranch CA Yuba Copper, silver, gold
6739 5 MB Two Jim Claims NV Esmeralda Silver, gold
6740 15 MB Silver Bow Mine CA Napa Mercury
6741 25 MB Lead King, Forth of July, et. al. MT Granite Gold
6742 15 MB Spar City Mine CO Mineral Silver
6743 8 MB Beauty Bay Mine AK Seward Gold, silver, platinum
6744 15 MB Martin Peak, Atlas, et al., Group of Claims AZ Yuma Copper, gold, silver
6745 14 MB Emma Mine UT Salt Lake Silver
6746 5 MB L.G.O. Lode Mining Locations No. 11-13 CO Fremont Uranium
6747 13 MB Marquis Mine CA Calaveras Gold
6748 7 MB Avenger Group of Claims CA Lassen Silver, copper, rare earths
6749 15 MB Red Rock Mine NV Esmeralda Mercury
6750 4 MB Small Hope Mine CO La Plata Gold, silver
6751 15 MB Klau Mine Property CA San Luis Obispo Mercury
6752 6 MB Alaska Offshore Propsecting Permit No. 35002 AK Norton Bay Gold
6753 14 MB Ashland Mine OR Jackson Gold, silver
6754 6 MB Siskron Mines OR Josephine Gold
6755 1 MB Noble Consolidated Group of Claims CA San Diego Gold, silver
6756 31 MB Silver Cloud Mine NV Elko Mercury
6757 14 MB Chester Veginer Property KY Crittenden Fluorspar
6758 52 MB Blue Nose and Interstate Claims UT Emery Uranium
6759 2 MB Double Eagle Mine MT Granite Silver
6760 14 MB Metal Enterprise Co. UT Iron Silver
6761 12 MB Pet Mining Claims CA Siskiyou Gold, silver
6762 3 MB Baumann Property CA Tulare Nickel
6763 21 MB Los Compadres Silver Property NV Esmeralda Silver, gold
6764 4 MB Shotgun Prospect AK Kuskokwim Bay Mercury
6765 18 MB Murray Claim WA Okanogan Silver
6766 6 MB Silver Zone No. 1 et al., Claims AK Talkeetna Silver, gold
6767 9 MB Auric Lease ADL. 22618 AK Nome Gold
6768 4 MB Cotton Patch Mine NC Stanly Gold
6769 5 MB Double Eagle Mine CA Sierra Gold
6770 2 MB King of Lead Property AZ Cochise Silver
6771 15 MB Midwest Property CO Mineral Silver
6772 14 MB Horse Heaven West Property OR Jefferson Mercury
6773 7 MB La Grande Claims ID Blaine Silver
6774 43 MB Aravaipa Property AZ Graham Copper, molybdenum
6775 2 MB Beverly and Dian Claims MT Madison Gold, silver
6776 32 MB Mammoth, et al., Veins CA Mono Gold, silver
6777 18 MB Blue Ledge Mine CA Siskiyou Copper
6778 2 MB Sundown Mine ID Blaine Silver
6779 5 MB Steppe Mine AZ Pima Gold, silver
6780 7 MB Iron Hat Mine OR Jackson Gold, silver
6781 3 MB Norinco Claims NM Sierra Silver
6782 10 MB Holy Moses, et al ., Claims CO Mineral Silver, gold, bismuth
6783 2 MB Running Silver 8 and 9 Claims CA Humboldt Mercury
6784 2 MB Free Gold and Emerald Claims NM Colfax Gold
6785 6 MB Julia Lode CO Gilpin Gold, silver
6786 8 MB Coffey Pot Claims CO Chaffee Beryllium, tantalum
6787 22 MB Empress Mine CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6788 103 MB Aladdin, et al., Group of Claims NV Elko Copper, molybdenum, silver
6789 1 MB Hilltop Mine ID Lemhi Silver
6790 2 MB Portland Consolidated Mine OR Grant Silver
6791 5 MB Falling Star Property ID Custer Silver
6792 24 MB Whale Mine CO Summit Silver, copper, gold
6793 16 MB Revelee Property CO Custer Silver
6794 20 MB Glen Silver Property ID Owyhee Silver
6795 12 MB McDuffe Mines AK Nome Antimony, gold
6796 19 MB Crystal and Bullion Mines MT Jefferson Gold, silver
6797 97 MB June, Antoro, and Poverty Claims CO Saguache Gold, silver, copper
6798 7 MB Treasure Key Tunnel CO Gilpin Gold, silver
6799 6 MB Silver Bar Mine CA Mariposa Silver, gold
6800 4 MB Sunnyside Placer Mine CA Plumas Gold, platinum
6801 3 MB Woodruff Farm OK Delaware Uranium, diamond, platinum
6802 7 MB White Mountain Claims CA San Bernardino Gold
6803 2 MB Lavendar Property IL Hardin Fluorspar, iron, zinc
6804 14 MB Lucie Claims NV Elko Copper, silver, molybdenum
6805 1 MB Lucky Strike Bull Moose Claim MT Granite Silver
6806 4 MB Silver Wagon claims CA Kern Copper, silver, gold
6807 13 MB Trail Claims CA Inyo Silver
6808 2 MB Mildred, et al., claims AZ Cochise Silver, gold
6809 11 MB Florida Group MT Silver Bow Silver
6810 3 MB El Paso Claims CA Kern Gold
6811 3 MB Retread Property (Korizek) MT Lewis and Clark Copper, lead, silver
6812 13 MB Big John Property ID Blaine Gold, silver
6813 232 MB Martha Group of Claims UT San Juan Uranium
6814 5 MB Southwest Minerals Claim Group AZ Maricopa Gold, silver
6815 35 MB Lincoln Mine AZ Yavapai Gold, silver
6816 5 MB Moosehorn Claims MT Beaverhead Silver, copper, gold
6817 12 MB Globe Mine CA Trinity Gold, silver
6818 1 MB Nugget Chief Claim WA Snohomish Copper, gold, silver
6819 34 MB New Light Mine WA Whatcom Gold
6820 9 MB Ajax Mine MT Beaverhead Gold, silver
6821 1 MB Ophir Creek Claims CO Custer Gold
6822 7 MB Sunlight Mining Region WY Park Copper, silver, gold
6823 3 MB Passover Claims ID Custer Silver, copper, molybdenum
6824 22 MB Silver Heels Mine CO Park Gold
6825 4 MB Rossi Mine NV Eureka Mercury, gold, silver
6826 5 MB Silver Peak Mine WA Okanogan Silver
6827 45 MB Del Norte Property CA Inyo Gold
6828 6 MB Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Maui, Hawaii. HI Unknown County Uranium, rare earths, titanium
6829 27 MB Eagle Creek Property AK Unknown County Antimony
6830 15 MB Little Bob, et al., Claims CO Montrose Uranium, vanadium
6831 34 MB Magonigal Lease CA Yuba Copper
6832 6 MB Urba & Moriah Claims UT Millard Antimony, silver
6833 59 MB Atlanta Mine NV Lincoln Gold, silver
6834 1 MB Boulder Ridge Claim OR Grant Gold, silver, platinum
6835 22 MB Roy Mining Prospect OR Jefferson Silver
6836 31 MB Lucky one and Lucky Jack 2 Claims CA Plumas Gold, silver
6837 6 MB Pam & Pyrola Group of Claims AK Unknown County Silver
6838 2 MB San Juan Property CA Santa Barbara Mercury, nickel, chromite
6839 13 MB Kelly Mine CA Trinity Gold
6840 22 MB Comet Mine MT Beaverhead Silver
6841 11 MB Jumper-New Era and Golden Rule Mines CA Tuolumne Gold
6842 5 MB Brass Ledge Mine OR Josephine Copper, gold
6843 7 MB Royal Charter and Little Nation Lode CO San Juan Silver, gold
6844 9 MB Stony River Claims AK Kuskokwim Bay Gold
6845 12 MB Reese Mine, Antelope Claims NV White Pine Silver, copper
6846 17 MB Iron Point Property NV Humboldt Mercury
6847 8 MB June Bug Claims ID Lemhi Copper, gold, silver
6848 1 MB Sullivan Mine AZ Cochise Copper, silver
6849 5 MB Wolverine Mine MT Powell Silver, gold
6850 27 MB Bowser Creek Property AK McGrath Silver
6851 34 MB Copper Camp Mine ID Valley Copper, silver
6852 24 MB Little John, et al., Claims CO Park Silver, beryllium
6853 22 MB Echo, Clark Group, et al., Claims ID Idaho Gold
6854 45 MB Good Hope Property NV Elko Silver, gold
6855 2 MB Nevada Park Mining Co. Property NV Lincoln Silver, uranium
6856 39 MB Lake Valley Property NM Sierra Silver
6857 4 MB Paint Run Property PA Tioga Silver, lead
6858 3 MB Grigsby Mine CA Napa Silver, gold
6859 17 MB Gofor and Spires Mines NM Socorro Gold, silver
6860 119 MB Brown Bear Mine CA Trinity Gold
6861 7 MB Potosi Mine NV Mineral Gold, silver
6862 6 MB Tawney Mine MT Mineral Gold
6863 3 MB Impact No.1 and Robert S. Waters Claims AZ Pinal Copper, gold, silver
6864 15 MB Dugway Property UT Tooele Gold, silver, copper
6865 6 MB Berdic Claims MT Beaverhead Silver, gold
6866 4 MB Weber-Hill Claims MT Jefferson Silver, gold
6867 10 MB Monarch Mine MT Powell Gold, silver
6868 1 MB Hell's Kitchen Property NV Clark Gold, copper, tungsten
6869 23 MB Harriman Ground ME Hancock Copper, silver
6870 3 MB Mountbracken Property MN Cook Nickel, copper, platinum
6871 20 MB Silver King No. 1 & 2 Claims MT Granite Silver, gold
6872 23 MB Benito Creek Property AK Unknown County Gold, silver
6873 189 MB Kicks Dome Property IL Hardin Fluorspar
6874 11 MB Lenado Property CO Pitkin Silver
6875 66 MB Independence Property CA Inyo Gold, silver
6876 2 MB May Claims MT Sanders Copper, silver, gold
6877 5 MB Sour Dough and Sara Mine CA Plumas Gold, silver
6878 14 MB Doctor Mine CO Clear Creek Silver, gold
6879 32 MB Question Mining Claims AZ Maricopa Gold
6880 65 MB Spotted Horse Mine MT Fergus Gold
6881 9 MB Carnation Mine NV Clark Gold, silver
6882 1 MB Black Lady claims CA Imperial Nickel
6883 12 MB Chloride Flat Property NM Grant Platinum, silver
6884 14 MB Mardon Lode Group NV Lander Gold, silver
6885 67 MB San Juan Mine CO San Juan Silver, gold
6886 28 MB Blue Sphinx Mines NV Mineral Gold, silver
6887 3 MB Dubuque Lode MT Jefferson Silver
6888 4 MB Alum Creel Property CO Rio Grande Molybdenum, copper
6889 9 MB Juniper Gold Mine SD Pennington Gold
6890 16 MB Mount Hope Mine NV Eureka Silver, copper
6891 6 MB Barefoot Mine ID Valley Silver
6892 9 MB Silent Friend-Fay Property NV White Pine Silver, copper, gold
6893 2 MB Rose Quartz No. 2, Gambler Claims NM Socorro Gold, silver
6894 4 MB Bornite Mine WA Snohomish Copper
6895 20 MB Niagra Mine CA Shasta Gold
6896 5 MB Pyramid Mine NV Churchill Silver
6897 12 MB Halcyon Mine CA Shasta Gold, silver
6898 6 MB Sleeper 1-7(Vindicator) MT Jefferson Gold, silver
6899 9 MB Morning-Midnight Property MT Jefferson Gold, silver
6900 23 MB Ruby Mine CA Sierra Gold
6901 5 MB Plumas Mohawk Mine CA Plumas Gold, silver
6902 16 MB Shootgun Creek, et al., Group of Claims AK Talkeetna Gold, silver, platinum, antimony, tin
6903 5 MB Montana Lode Claims MT Beaverhead Silver
6904 5 MB Republic Mine MT Fergus Gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper
6904A 1 MB Starlite Claims CA Kern Gold, copper, silver, chromium, platinum
6905 17 MB Independence Property CA Inyo Gold, silver
6906 12 MB Marden Lode Group NV Lander Gold, silver
6907 11 MB New Pass Mine NV Churchill Gold, silver

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