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Data Series 1004

Historical Files from Federal Government Mineral Exploration-Assistance Programs, 1950 to 1974








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The PDF files in this data series were compiled using PDF catalog technology. There can be be multiple PDF documents within a single PDF file. Viewing the PDF’s through a browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) will not access all pages in a PDF file. To insure access to the entire PDF, it is strongly recommended that the user download the file (right click on the property name) and save it before opening it with a PDF reader. Acrobat Reader DC (free) is the recommended PDF reader to use to view all files in this data series. File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1 megabyte (MB) to nearly 500 MB. Download times for large files will vary based on Internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Colorado DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf), which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for viewing. Agencies are the Defense Minerals Administration (DMA), Defense Minerals Exploration Administration (DMEA), and Office of Minerals Exploration (OME).

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County Docket Agency File size Property name All commodities

0493 DMA <1 MB None identified Mica, beryllium, feldspar
Archuleta 4637 DMEA 61 MB Sunetha Anticline Uranium
Bent 6713 OME 8 MB Hansen Farm Uranium, silver, gold
Boulder 0158 DMA 5 MB Lucky Strike, Last Nickel and Silver King Tungsten, lead-zinc
Boulder 0163 DMA <1 MB Tip Top Mine None identified
Boulder 0241 DMA 6 MB Ohio Tungsten Mine Tungsten
Boulder 0838 DMA 14 MB Tungsten (Chance) Mine Tungsten
Boulder 1107 DMA 41 MB Forest Home Mine Tungsten
Boulder 1209 DMA 5 MB Fluorspar property near Jamestown Fluorspar
Boulder 1400 DMA 3 MB Red Lode Claim Tungsten
Boulder 1447 DMA 335 MB Cold Sping Mine Tungsten
Boulder 1567 DMA 74 MB Eureka Mine Tungsten
Boulder 1651 DMA 145 MB Dorothy-Katie Mines Tungsten
Boulder 1885 DMA 12 MB Hoosier Mine Tungsten
Boulder 1887 DMA 15 MB Caribou Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
Boulder 2006 DMA 1 MB Caribo Mill Tungsten
Boulder 2058 DMA 12 MB Hallie A Tungsten Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2059 DMA 2 MB Tip Top Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2062 DMA 4 MB Last Chance Lode Tungsten
Boulder 2063 DMA 1 MB Paymaster Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2086 DMA 44 MB Vasco No.7 Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2100 DMEA 5 MB Steel Plate Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2158 DMA 1 MB Tungsten Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2296 DMEA 33 MB Rambler Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2304 DMEA 33 MB Vasco Tract Tungsten
Boulder 2312 DMEA 2 MB Pineshad Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2320 DMEA 11 MB Range View Lode Mining Claim Tungsten
Boulder 2336 DMEA 20 MB Caribou Silver Mine Uranium
Boulder 2343 DMEA 109 MB Good Friday Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2387 DMEA 12 MB Blue Jay and Ideal Tungsten
Boulder 2390 DMEA 8 MB Vasco No. 1 Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2492 DMEA 12 MB Orion and Saddle Claims Fluorspar
Boulder 2501 DMEA 6 MB Long Shot & Nancy Henderson Claims Tungsten
Boulder 2650 DMEA 22 MB Hallie "A" Mine Tungsten
Boulder 2724 DMEA 1 MB Black Ace Claims Tungsten
Boulder 2810 DMEA 9 MB Clyde-Gale-Lily Group Tungsten
Boulder 2958 DMEA 3 MB Roose Tunnel Tungsten
Boulder 3001 DMEA 41 MB World Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3014 DMEA 7 MB Bonanza No.2 Tungsten
Boulder 3021 DMEA 6 MB Anna C Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3027 DMEA 1 MB Good Friday et al. claims Iron
Boulder 3173 DMEA 59 MB Hoosier Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3182 DMEA 35 MB Big Six Mine, Mock Shaft Tungsten
Boulder 3286 DMEA 22 MB Poopout Claims Tungsten
Boulder 3374 DMEA 8 MB Cross Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3483 DMEA 31 MB Gale Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3502 DMEA 4 MB Fraction Lode Tungsten
Boulder 3504 DMEA 1 MB Anna C. Group Tungsten
Boulder 3538 DMEA 3 MB Elsie Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3546 DMEA 53 MB Big Cameron Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3785 DMEA 6 MB Elsie Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3806 DMEA 5 MB Wild Tiger Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3807 DMEA 52 MB Dozer Mine Tungsten
Boulder 3910 DMEA 11 MB Faircount Group Tungsten
Boulder 3981 DMEA 29 MB Pennsylvania Lode Tungsten
Boulder 4037 DMEA 6 MB Lily Mine Tungsten
Boulder 4038 DMEA 7 MB Clyde Mine Tungsten
Boulder 4058 DMEA 2 MB Victory, Lulu B., And Gold Leaf lode Claims Uranium
Boulder 4072 DMEA 9 MB No. 2 & 4 Mines Tungsten
Boulder 4142 DMEA 8 MB Golden Queen Mine Tungsten
Boulder 4352 DMEA 5 MB Buffalo No1 and Pine Claims Uranium
Boulder 4373 DMEA 17 MB Red Spruce, et al., Claims Uranium
Boulder 4470 DMEA 8 MB Diamond Claims, et al. Uranium
Boulder 4721 DMEA 84 MB Fair Day, et al., Claims Uranium
Boulder 4961 DMEA 7 MB Sisk Property Uranium
Boulder 6017 OME 4 MB Victory, et al., Claims Uranium
Boulder 6122 OME 1 MB Humboldt, Sparten, Splendor Gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, fluorspar
Boulder 6153 OME 1 MB McNight Placer Gold, silver, tellurium
Boulder 6351 OME 7 MB Red Signe, et al., Claims Gold
Boulder 6506 OME 4 MB Chivington, et al., Claims Silver
Chaffee 0053 DMA 2 MB Moss Flower (Half Moon Mine) Lead-zinc
Chaffee 0245 DMA 14 MB Stockton & Gertrude Mining Group Tungsten, copper
Chaffee 1050 DMA 28 MB Utze Lode Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper
Chaffee 1188 DMA 12 MB Sedalia Mine Copper, lead, zinc
Chaffee 1915 DMA 19 MB Brown Canon Fluorspar
Chaffee 2031 DMA 6 MB Josephine,Albertson, and Mideloy Mines Cobalt, nickel, platinum, uranium
Chaffee 2085 DMA 14 MB Rock King Load Tungsten
Chaffee 2102 DMA 10 MB Swiss Boy And Silver Crop Mines Lead-zinc
Chaffee 2280 DMEA 50 MB Madonna Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper
Chaffee 2679 DMEA 2 MB Crescent Mines Nickel, molybdenum
Chaffee 2699 DMEA 3 MB Anna Huffman Claims Copper
Chaffee 2899 DMEA 9 MB Winnie, North Star, & Cleora Claims Tungsten
Chaffee 3566 DMEA 1 MB None Identified
Chaffee 3583 DMEA 40 MB The Beryl Mine( Bonus Extension and Longs Gulch Gr Beryl, columbium, tantalum
Chaffee 4241 DMEA 4 MB Blue Brute Claims Beryl
Chaffee 4612 DMEA 12 MB Samuel J. Tilden Property Lead
Chaffee 4900 DMEA 3 MB Cinderella, et al., Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Chaffee 5071 DMEA 9 MB Silver Bead Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Chaffee 6291 OME <1 MB Friend Claims Beryl
Chaffee 6434 OME <1 MB South Side, et al., Claims Silver
Chaffee 6786 OME 8 MB Coffey Pot Claims Beryllium, tantalum
Clear Creek 0114 DMA 2 MB New Era Mine Lead, gold, silver
Clear Creek 0115 DMA 1 MB Grizzly Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper
Clear Creek 0270 DMEA 54 MB Ben Harrison-Croesus Lead-zinc, copper, gold, silver
Clear Creek 0454 DMA 3 MB Rio Grande Mine Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
Clear Creek 0492 DMA 5 MB Hall Tunnel and Colorado Central Mine Silver
Clear Creek 0749 DMA 5 MB None Identified Lead-zinc, silver
Clear Creek 0837 DMA 7 MB Sunburst-Sceptre Group of Claims Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 1079 DMA 3 MB Mary P. Claims Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 1173 DMA 55 MB Dives-Pelican Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 1257 DMA 4 MB Oriental Group Lead-zinc, manganese, gold, silver
Clear Creek 1446 DMA 37 MB Jo Reynolds Mine Uranium, gold, silver, lead, zinc
Clear Creek 1545 DMA 9 MB Grover Mine Mica, beryl
Clear Creek 1750 DMA <1 MB Red Elephant Veins Silver
Clear Creek 1932 DMA 21 MB Molly Bawn Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 2592 DMEA 5 MB Gabanta Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 2698 DMEA 9 MB Mendota Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 2713 DMEA 21 MB Jean Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 2759 DMEA 5 MB Grizzly Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 2782 DMEA 13 MB Various claims Uranium
Clear Creek 2805 DMEA 3 MB Capital Prize Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 2939 DMEA 6 MB Independence Tunnel Copper, lead, zinc, uranium
Clear Creek 3197 DMEA 8 MB Bellevue-Rochester Tunnel Uranium
Clear Creek 3309 DMEA 9 MB Jo Reynolds Mine Uranium
Clear Creek 3747 DMEA 11 MB Peabody Mine Uranium
Clear Creek 3752 DMEA 4 MB Grizzly Mine Lead, copper
Clear Creek 4025 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike Claims Uranium
Clear Creek 4302 DMEA 4 MB Grizzly Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 4462 DMEA 19 MB Dives-Pelican Mine Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 4565 DMEA 15 MB Central Tunnel Project Copper, lead, zinc, uranium
Clear Creek 5000 DMEA 6 MB Dives-Pelican, Seven thirty Group. Lead-zinc, copper
Clear Creek 6022 OME 79 MB Lake Central Project Copper, lead, zinc
Clear Creek 6041 OME 1 MB Bismark-Pelican, et al., Mines Lead-zinc
Clear Creek 6320 OME 22 MB Clifford Mine Molybdenum
Clear Creek 6398 OME 3 MB Lake Central Project Gold, silver
Clear Creek 6399 OME 1 MB Silver Belle Mine Silver
Clear Creek 6475 OME 6 MB Fourth of July, et al., Claims Silver, gold
Clear Creek 6503 OME 10 MB Humbolt, et al., Claims Silver, gold
Clear Creek 6509 OME 15 MB Gold Belt Tunnel Silver
Clear Creek 6552 OME 22 MB Brighton No. 2 et al., Claims Silver, gold
Clear Creek 6570 OME 72 MB Anglo Saxon Mine Silver
Clear Creek 6588 OME 60 MB Capital Prize Mine Silver, gold
Clear Creek 6620 OME 35 MB Colorado Central Mine Silver
Clear Creek 6720 OME 4 MB Bride Claim Silver, gold
Clear Creek 6787 OME 22 MB Empress Mine Silver, gold
Clear Creek 6878 OME 14 MB Doctor Mine Silver, gold
Custer 0649 DMA 5 MB Lady Franklin Mine Lead-zinc, silver
Custer 1873 DMA 2 MB None Identified Uranium
Custer 2319 DMEA 3 MB Stroehlke, J.T. property Lead, zinc, manganese
Custer 2494 DMEA 24 MB J.T. Stroehkle Property Lead, zinc, manganese
Custer 2517 DMEA 20 MB Defender Mine Lead-zinc, silver
Custer 2537 DMEA 12 MB Thorium Mountain Claims Thorium, uranium
Custer 3078 DMEA 20 MB GW and Antrim Lode Claims Thorium
Custer 3236 DMEA 12 MB Sangre De Cristo Group Columbium, tantalum, copper
Custer 3725 DMEA 7 MB Hardin Claim Group Thorium, lead, uranium, rare earths
Custer 4735 DMEA 36 MB Sta, et al., Claims Thorium
Custer 6395 OME <1 MB Dakota Maid, et al., Claims Silver
Custer 6549 OME 54 MB Round Mountain Prospect Silver
Custer 6793 OME 16 MB Revelee Property Silver
Custer 6821 OME 1 MB Ophir Creek Claims Gold
Dolores 0789 DMA 7 MB Badger - Sunflower Claim Group Lead-zinc
Dolores 0911 DMA 6 MB Montezuma Mine Lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold
Dolores 2685 DMEA 18 MB Iron Clad Mine Lead-zinc
Dolores 3211 DMEA 3 MB Broken Thumb Claims Uranium
Dolores 3718 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike, et al., Claims Lead
Dolores 4611 DMEA 3 MB Pack Rat & Rainy Day Claims Uranium
Dolores 6681 OME 1 MB Lucky Lion Properties Gold, silver
Eagle 0012 DMA 7 MB Robinson and Michigan-Uthoff Mines Lead, copper, gold, silver
Eagle 0063 DMA 1 MB Eagle Mine Unknown
Eagle 1938 DMA 5 MB Horse Mountain Uranium Mine Uranium
Eagle 3775 DMEA 10 MB Arrowhead Group Uranium
Eagle 4626 DMEA 36 MB Little Springs , et al., Claims Uranium
Eagle 6698 OME 8 MB Wildflower Group of Claims Silver, gold, copper
El Paso 6135 OME 1 MB St. Peters Dome Area Columbium, beryllium
Fremont 3079 DMEA 5 MB Grape Creek Area Columbium
Fremont 3171 DMEA 4 MB Charlene No. 1 Tungsten
Fremont 3172 DMEA 3 MB Venture No. 1 Claim Tungsten
Fremont 3670 DMEA 25 MB Colexco Group Uranium
Fremont 3786 DMEA 99 MB Josey-Roper, et al., Calims Uranium
Fremont 3894 DMEA 16 MB Cunac Minreals Property Thorium, uranium, rare earths
Fremont 3925 DMEA 6 MB Navajo and Big Emma Claims Uranium
Fremont 4076 DMEA 8 MB Southmost Claims Uranium
Fremont 4328 DMEA 36 MB Lightning Group Claims Uranium
Fremont 4498 DMEA 6 MB Misery Mine, et al., Claim Groups Uranium
Fremont 4621 DMEA 46 MB Pink Lady, et al., Claims Thorium
Fremont 4919 DMEA 80 MB Chumway Park and Tallahassee Creek Claims Uranium
Fremont 6258 OME <1 MB Mag Lode and Placer Claims Iron
Fremont 6746 OME 5 MB L.G.O. Lode Mining Locations No. 11-13 Uranium
Garfield 0061 DMA 10 MB Sunshine Mine Manganese
Garfield 2661 DMEA 22 MB End of Trail No. 2 Claim Uranium
Garfield 4748 DMEA 8 MB Garfield Mine Uranium
Gilpin 0023 DMA 1 MB Poso Property Zinc
Gilpin 0058 DMA 1 MB Russell Gulch None identified
Gilpin 0510 DMA <1 MB Iron Mine None identified
Gilpin 0744 DMA 81 MB Essex & Gilpin Eureka Group Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper
Gilpin 1201 DMA 27 MB Prize Mine Zinc, lead, copper, gold, silver
Gilpin 1311 DMA No scan Jefferson Calhoun Group
Gilpin 1448 DMA 3 MB German Group Uranium, lead, zinc
Gilpin 1677 DMA 6 MB Pewabic Group Uranium
Gilpin 2476 DMEA 9 MB Boodle Mine Lead, zinc
Gilpin 2752 DMEA 12 MB Pewabic - Iron Mine Uranium
Gilpin 2878 DMEA 49 MB German Mine Uranium, lead, gold, silver
Gilpin 3272 DMEA 17 MB Two Sisters Group Uranium
Gilpin 3317 DMEA 11 MB Kirk Mine Uranium
Gilpin 3685 DMEA 2 MB Williams Tunnel Lead-zinc, uranium, antimony
Gilpin 3705 DMEA 19 MB Spur Daisy Group Uranium
Gilpin 4355 DMEA 9 MB E & H Jelly Roll Mine Uranium
Gilpin 4490 DMEA 6 MB Wilma Claims Molybdenum
Gilpin 4529 DMEA 5 MB Root Ranch Uranium
Gilpin 4629 DMEA 6 MB Potential Uranium Group Uranium
Gilpin 6155 OME <1 MB Velvet Valley Claim Gold
Gilpin 6231 OME 260 MB Nye Molybdeum Mine Molybdenum
Gilpin 6376 OME 1 MB Gold Dollar and Gold Bullion Claims Silver
Gilpin 6561 OME 15 MB Nye Property Molybdenum
Gilpin 6785 OME 6 MB Julia Lode Gold, silver
Gilpin 6798 OME 7 MB Treasure Key Tunnel Gold, silver
Grand 0540 DMA 7 MB Mt Vasques Lead-zinc, silver, copper
Grand 1345 DMA 5 MB Gustafafson Mica, beryl, tantalite
Grand 3467 DMEA 5 MB Ruth Claims Copper
Grand 4374 DMEA 2 MB God's Gift Group Uranium, mica, copper
Gunnison 0110 DMA 152 MB Akron Unit Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper
Gunnison 0387 DMA 2 MB Brown Derby Mine Columbite-tantalite, beryl
Gunnison 1225 DMA 19 MB Erie Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
Gunnison 1414 DMA 2 MB Italian Mountain Lead-zinc
Gunnison 2424 DMEA 20 MB Micawber Mine Lead, zinc, copper
Gunnison 2581 DMEA 17 MB New Anniversary Pegmatite Beryl, mica, columbite, tantalite
Gunnison 2617 DMEA 70 MB Hubnerite Mine Tungsten
Gunnison 2943 DMEA 5 MB Barium Claims Manganese
Gunnison 3032 DMEA 51 MB Little Johnny Claims, Little Johnny Extension, Kat Thorium, rare earths, columbium, tantalum
Gunnison 3062 DMEA 11 MB Madeline No. 2 Claim Lead, tungsten, cobalt
Gunnison 3535 DMEA 17 MB Ida May Mine Tungsten
Gunnison 3866 DMEA 120 MB Keystone Mine Lead, zinc, copper
Gunnison 3946 DMEA 7 MB Jenny Claims, et al. Uranium, copper, lead
Gunnison 3979 DMEA 34 MB High and Mighty Claim Lead, zinc, copper, uranium
Gunnison 4053 DMEA 4 MB Sunset Group of Claims Uranium
Gunnison 4203 DMEA 36 MB Willow Creek Group Uranium
Gunnison 4933 DMEA 6 MB Conference Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Gunnison 6227 OME 23 MB Forrest Hill Mine Silver, gold, lead, zinc, copper
Gunnison 6439 OME 1 MB Forest Hill Mine--Park Vein Copper, silver, gold
Gunnison 6577 OME 18 MB Forest Hill Mine Copper, silver, gold
Gunnison 6585 OME 15 MB Patricia Lee, et al., Claims Silver
Gunnison 6613 OME 56 MB Copper King Project Copper, silver
Gunnison 6640 OME 108 MB Keystone Mine Property Silver
Gunnison 6662 OME 9 MB Star Mine Silver
Gunnison 6687 OME 16 MB Carter and Way Up Mines Gold, silver
Hinsdale 0290 DMA <1 MB Ute, Ulay, and Hidden Treasure Lead-zinc
Hinsdale 0531 DMA 1 MB Independence Group of Claims None identified
Hinsdale 1063 DMA 21 MB Ute-and-Ule Mine Lead-zinc, silver
Hinsdale 6502 OME 7 MB Nellie G Claim Silver, gold
Hinsdale 6555 OME 10 MB Monte Queen Mine Silver, bismuth, gold
Hinsdale 6630 OME 60 MB Palmetto Property Silver
Hinsdale 6729 OME 6 MB Monte Queen Mine Silver, gold
Jackson 6433 OME 1 MB Fluorite No. 1-8 Claims Fluorspar
Jefferson 0051 DMA 1 MB Royal Arch and Joycie Mines Copper
Jefferson 2057 DMA 2 MB None identified Copper
Jefferson 2328 DMEA 50 MB Old Leyden Mine Uranium, vanadium
Jefferson 2662 DMEA 1 MB Double-Header Ranch Mica, beryl, quartz
Jefferson 2712 DMEA 48 MB Biggar Mine Beryl
Jefferson 2888 DMEA 25 MB Ralston Creek Mine Uranium
Jefferson 3336 DMEA 2 MB None Identified Uranium
Jefferson 3527 DMEA 12 MB Ladwig No. 2 Mine Uranium
Jefferson 3606 DMEA 10 MB Wright Lease Uranium
Jefferson 3830 DMEA 52 MB Wright Lease Uranium
Jefferson 3919 DMEA 66 MB Hoffmeister Prospect Uranium
Jefferson 4104 DMEA 18 MB Black Knight and Billikn Claims Uranium
Jefferson 4198 DMEA 1 MB Sec,24.T2S,R71W. Uranium
Jefferson 4311 DMEA 27 MB Ralston Creel Mine Uranium
Jefferson 4324 DMEA 74 MB Freedman Lease and Sanders Lease (Grapevine Mine) Uranium
Jefferson 4389 DMEA 41 MB Mann No 1 Mine Uranium
Jefferson 4656 DMEA 115 MB Ascencion Mine Uranium
Jefferson 4722 DMEA 22 MB T.3S., R.71W. Uranium
Jefferson 4791 DMEA 35 MB Black Knight and Billikin Lodes Uranium
Jefferson 4793 DMEA 51 MB Pallaoro Lease Uranium
Jefferson 4873 DMEA 9 MB Malachite Mine Copper
Jefferson 6096 OME <1 MB Sec.24,25,T3S,R71W. Uranium
Jefferson 6717 OME 23 MB Mena Mine Silver, uranium
La Plata 1323 DMA 11 MB Copper Hill Mine Copper, silver, gold, platinum
La Plata 1699 DMA 10 MB Gold Nugget Claims Copper, gold
La Plata 3205 DMEA 4 MB Tomahwk Claim Group Uranium
La Plata 3390 DMEA 52 MB Goodhope Claims Uranium
La Plata 3798 DMEA 15 MB Semands Mining Co. property Uranium
La Plata 3873 DMEA 4 MB Uranium Queen Group Uranium
La Plata 6284 OME 2 MB Sara G Claims Silver
La Plata 6384 OME 1 MB Bessie Jr., et al., Claims Gold, silver
La Plata 6617 OME 3 MB Mark Thomas Property Gold, platinum group metals, mercury
La Plata 6750 OME 4 MB Small Hope Mine Gold, silver
Lake 0627 DMA 74 MB Hayden Shaft Lead-zinc, manganese, silver
Lake 0702 DMA 50 MB Comstock - Hopemore Copper, lead, zinc, silver, gold, iron
Lake 0860 DMA 26 MB Ibex Extension Lead-zinc, copper
Lake 1191 DMA 12 MB Newton Claim & Flagstaff Claim Lead-zinc
Lake 1539 DMA 9 MB Pirate Lode Molybdenum
Lake 1897 DMA 12 MB Chautauguan Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Lake 3025 DMEA 38 MB Weston Pass Claims Lead-zinc
Lake 6080 OME 8 MB Continental Chief Property Lead-zinc
Lake 6491 OME 6 MB Hollis Property Silver
Lake 6541 OME 9 MB Ballard, President, et al,., Claims Silver, bismuth
Lake 6653 OME 14 MB Starr Placer Property Silver
Larimer 1217 DMA 8 MB Hide A Way & Hide Above Claims Beryl, columbite, tantalite, mica
Larimer 1702 DMA 38 MB Copper King Mine Uranium, zinc, copper
Larimer 1869 DMA 3 MB Alice M. & Helen M. Beryl
Larimer 2493 DMEA 19 MB Hide A Way Claim Beryl
Larimer 3237 DMEA 5 MB Lookout Lode Tungsten
Larimer 3294 DMEA 3 MB Green Rock Lode Claim Tungsten
Larimer 3486 DMEA 23 MB Lookout Claim Tungsten
Larimer 3627 DMEA 1 MB SunSet No. 2 Tin
Larimer 3678 DMEA 36 MB Spring Claim Group Uranium
Larimer 3812 DMEA 5 MB Cojade Mine Beryl
Larimer 4068 DMEA 4 MB Beryl No. 2 Beryl, tungsten, mica
Larimer 4148 DMEA 14 MB Kuck Strike Claims Uranium
Larimer 4227 DMEA 8 MB Wahketa Mine Uranium
Larimer 4385 DMEA 7 MB New Hope Claims Beryl, tantalum, uranium, columbium
Larimer 4456 DMEA 7 MB Estes Bell and Hilltop Groups Uranium, manganese, thorium, rare earths
Larimer 4609 DMEA 3 MB Eureka Claims Uranium
Larimer 6134 OME 1 MB Mona Columbite-tantalite, beryl, mica
Mesa 1984 DMA 7 MB West Gateway Mining District Uranium
Mesa 2128 DMA 106 MB La Salle and La Sal claims Uranium, vanadium
Mesa 2391 DMEA 10 MB Pack Rat and Johnnie Mae Claims Uranium
Mesa 2425 DMEA 2 MB Lucky K numbers 1-6 Uranium
Mesa 2542 DMEA 37 MB Jessie,Larry, Leslie Group. Uranium, vanadium
Mesa 2737 DMEA 1 MB Lee Group Uranium
Mesa 2987 DMEA 7 MB Blue Creek Mine Uranium
Mesa 3013 DMEA 29 MB Various Claim Groups Uranium
Mesa 3310 DMEA 2 MB Shakin Quakie Uranium
Mesa 3505 DMEA 5 MB Payrock Mines Uranium
Mesa 3518 DMEA 5 MB Flat top Mesa Uranium
Mesa 3528 DMEA 4 MB None Identified Uranium
Mesa 3578 DMEA 16 MB Scotty, Terry & Scot Claims Uranium
Mesa 3636 DMEA 6 MB Ford and Fordo Claim Group Uranium
Mesa 3649 DMEA 54 MB Rajah Group of Claims Uranium
Mesa 3934 DMEA 13 MB Calamity creek Property Uranium
Mesa 3990 DMEA 31 MB Calamity Creek Claim Block Uranium
Mesa 4041 DMEA 111 MB Owtlaw, et al., Claims Uranium
Mesa 4046 DMEA 7 MB Cedar Cliff Claims, et al. Uranium
Mesa 4073 DMEA 334 MB Beaver Mesa Group Uranium
Mesa 4099 DMEA 3 MB Yellow Race Group Uranium
Mesa 4206 DMEA 31 MB John Browm, et al., groups Uranium
Mesa 4235 DMEA 27 MB Okan Mine Uranium
Mesa 4275 DMEA 14 MB Rubydale and Lee Groups Uranium
Mesa 4354 DMEA 5 MB Humdiger Group Uranium
Mesa 4363 DMEA 68 MB John Brown Claims Group Uranium
Mesa 4427 DMEA 9 MB Roger, Mike, et al., Claims Uranium
Mesa 4446 DMEA 21 MB Elizabeth Group Uranium
Mesa 4471 DMEA 10 MB Kanarad and Little Maverick Claims Uranium
Mesa 4481 DMEA 11 MB Cah Deal, et al., Claims Fluorspar
Mesa 4494 DMEA 82 MB Jonnie Mae Group Of Claims Uranium
Mesa 4573 DMEA 3 MB Raven Claims Uranium
Mesa 4632 DMEA 3 MB Charlotte, et al., Claims Uranium
Mesa 4826 DMEA 154 MB Hubbard Homestead Uranium
Mesa 5067 DMEA 2 MB Tarzan et al., Claims Uranium
Mineral 1058 DMA 1 MB Eileen Mining Co. None identified
Mineral 2370 DMEA 11 MB Mexixo-Solomon Mine Lead
Mineral 2444 DMEA 9 MB Phoenix Mine Lead
Mineral 3940 DMEA 115 MB Outlet Mine Lead, zinc
Mineral 3982 DMEA 32 MB Gormax Mine Lead, zinc
Mineral 4196 DMEA 5 MB Gateway Claims Copper, lead
Mineral 5025 DMEA 8 MB Gomax Mine Lead-zinc
Mineral 6108 OME 3 MB Phoenix, et al.,, Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Mineral 6143 OME 48 MB Bulldog Mountain Property Lead-zinc, silver
Mineral 6252 OME 3 MB Holey Moses, et al., Claims Lead-zinc, silver
Mineral 6288 OME 139 MB Bulldog Mountain Fault Silver
Mineral 6440 OME 37 MB Bird Creek Mine Silver
Mineral 6582 OME 25 MB Equity Mine Silver
Mineral 6742 OME 15 MB Spar City Mine Silver
Mineral 6771 OME 15 MB Midwest Property Silver
Mineral 6782 OME 10 MB Holy Moses, et al ., Claims Silver, gold, bismuth
Moffat 1405 DMA 5 MB Housel Gulch Placer Uranium Prospect Uranium, gold
Moffat 4367 DMEA 2 MB Diamond Mountain Claims Uranium
Moffat 4482 DMEA 4 MB Hangover Claims, et al. Uranium
Moffat 4929 DMEA 12 MB Orr, et al., Claims Uranium
Moffat 6202 OME 7 MB Sec.4,8,9,16,17. Gold
Montezuma 0899 DMA <1 MB Custom Mill Zinc
Montezuma 3985 DMEA 5 MB Cliff House Claim Group Uranium
Montezuma 6207 OME 1 MB Black Bear, et al., Claims Gold, silver, lead
Montezuma 6254 OME 1 MB Gold Run (Billings) Prospect Gold, silver
Montezuma 6290 OME 2 MB Twinn Canyon Claims Gold, silver
Montezuma 6592 OME 3 MB Bluebell Claims Gold, silver
Montrose 0765 DMA <1 MB None identified Copper
Montrose 2618 DMEA 88 MB Black Foot Claims Uranium
Montrose 2621 DMEA 5 MB Hard Rock Claim, et. al. Uranium
Montrose 2631 DMEA 13 MB Martin Mesa Area Uranium
Montrose 2788 DMEA 10 MB Quarrel Claim Group Uranium
Montrose 2901 DMEA 1 MB Lion Creek Uranium, vanadium, carnotite
Montrose 2938 DMEA 2 MB LaSal Creek
Montrose 3048 DMEA 421 MB Greager Group of Claims Uranium
Montrose 3091 DMEA 21 MB Pinion and Cedar Groups Uranium
Montrose 3094 DMEA 289 MB Peanut Group Uranium
Montrose 3145 DMEA 1 MB Uranium Girl Uranium
Montrose 3147 DMEA 29 MB Greager Group Uranium
Montrose 3277 DMEA 10 MB Too High Group, et al. Uranium
Montrose 3350 DMEA 15 MB Ruth K Group Uranium
Montrose 3355 DMEA 63 MB Shamrock Group of Claims Uranium
Montrose 3397 DMEA 55 MB Nora L. Claims Uranium
Montrose 3449 DMEA 38 MB Red Hill-Mildred Group of Claims Uranium
Montrose 3497 DMEA 54 MB B.T.M. Claims Group Uranium
Montrose 3550 DMEA 51 MB Radium Hill Group Uranium
Montrose 3561 DMEA 14 MB Group 1, Martin Mesa Claims Uranium
Montrose 3579 DMEA 50 MB Index Placer, Mesa Creek, et al., Claims Uranium
Montrose 3614 DMEA 30 MB Killikaho Bird,et al., Claims Uranium
Montrose 3662 DMEA 50 MB Radium Hill Claims Uranium
Montrose 3674 DMEA 6 MB Uranium Girl Claim Uranium
Montrose 3694 DMEA 9 MB Willow Basin Claims Uranium
Montrose 3695 DMEA 52 MB West Parodox Creek Property Uranium
Montrose 3709 DMEA 17 MB Wray Mesa Group Uranium
Montrose 3769 DMEA 3 MB Scintillator Claims No. 1 & 2 Uranium
Montrose 3840 DMEA 13 MB Keystone Claim Group Uranium
Montrose 3912 DMEA 5 MB Maiden, Star, et al., group of Claims Uranium
Montrose 3932 DMEA 11 MB Jack Lode Claims Uranium
Montrose 3950 DMEA 17 MB American eagle Group Uranium
Montrose 3956 DMEA 8 MB Solitaire and Jackpot Groups Uranium
Montrose 4005 DMEA 11 MB Kingpin Group Uranium
Montrose 4048 DMEA 5 MB Radium Cycle Group Uranium
Montrose 4059 DMEA 9 MB Greasy Spoon Group Uranium
Montrose 4136 DMEA 60 MB Ruth K. Group Uranium
Montrose 4144 DMEA 10 MB Piper, Shamrock, Kingpin group. Uranium
Montrose 4426 DMEA 12 MB Ball Point Claims, et al. Uranium
Montrose 4858 DMEA 89 MB Renegade, et al., Claims Uranium
Montrose 6830 OME 15 MB Little Bob, et al., Claims Uranium, vanadium
Ouray 1144 DMA 48 MB Camp Bird Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
Ouray 1243 DMA 83 MB Bachelor Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold, copper
Ouray 1729 DMA <1 MB Open Pit operation Lead
Ouray 2099 DMA 4 MB Torpedo-Eclipse Manganese Mine Manganese
Ouray 2548 DMEA 20 MB Dunmore & Yankee Lad Claims Tungsten
Ouray 2615 DMEA 2 MB Atlantic Lode Claim Lead-zinc, copper
Ouray 2675 DMEA 8 MB R. E. Lee Mine Lead-zinc
Ouray 2676 DMEA 11 MB Laura Dunmore & Colleen Brawn Claims Uranium, copper
Ouray 3605 DMEA 23 MB Mineral Farm Group Lead-zinc
Ouray 3965 DMEA 8 MB Frank Hough Mine Copper, lead
Ouray 4042 DMEA 5 MB Fortuna Lode Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Ouray 4492 DMEA 5 MB Treasure Trove, et al., Claims Uranium, copper
Ouray 4592 DMEA 5 MB White Chief, et al., Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Ouray 4866 DMEA 4 MB Prince Lode Claim Lead-zinc, copper
Ouray 4957 DMEA 9 MB Francis Mioning Tract Manganese, fluorspar
Ouray 6014 OME <1 MB American Nettie Group of Claims Uranium
Ouray 6170 OME 17 MB Hawkeye, et al., Claims Gold, silver
Ouray 6296 OME 2 MB Patsie, Helen, and Marion claims Silver, gold, rare earths
Ouray 6374 OME <1 MB Wewissa Mine Silver
Ouray 6377 OME 1 MB Lavonne Prospect Silver
Ouray 6480 OME 26 MB Keno, et al., Claims Silver
Ouray 6524 OME 47 MB Mountain Top and Terrible 3 Mine Silver
Ouray 6632 OME 48 MB Red Mountain Mining District Copper
Park 0249 DMA 24 MB Orphan Boy mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Park 0297 DMA 18 MB Record Mill Lead-zinc
Park 0458 DMA <1 MB Weber Shaft Lead-zinc
Park 0685 DMA <1 MB Kenosha Pass Fluorspar
Park 0764 DMA 6 MB Round Mountain Group Tungsten, uranium, tin
Park 1327 DMA 2 MB Gray Gold Glen Placer Tungsten, chrome, cobalt, gold
Park 1463 DMA 103 MB Hill Top Mine Lead-zinc
Park 1472 DMA 7 MB Criterion Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver
Park 1528 DMA 19 MB Mabel Adit Lead-zinc, silver, manganese
Park 1650 DMA 14 MB Betty Mine Cobalt, zinc, copper, silver, gold
Park 2146 DMA 6 MB Moose Mine
Park 2769 DMEA 12 MB Alma No. 1 Lead-zinc
Park 2941 DMEA 3 MB Jasper Queen Claim Tungsten
Park 3114 DMEA 1 MB Ventuer No. 1 Tungsten
Park 3148 DMEA 4 MB Wilfley Group of Claims Tungsten
Park 3414 DMEA 67 MB Buckskin Joe Mine Silver, gold
Park 3887 DMEA 41 MB Champaign and Coney Mines Uranium
Park 4572 DMEA 64 MB Hilltop Mine Lead-zinc, copper
Park 4617 DMEA 9 MB Tedco Mineral Claims Uranium
Park 5069 DMEA <1 MB Redskin Claims Uranium
Park 6034 OME 11 MB Redskin Claims Uranium
Park 6468 OME 4 MB Iron Mountain Claims Gold
Park 6496 OME 14 MB Dolly Varden, et al., Claims Silver, gold
Park 6601 OME 78 MB Mt Lincoln Mines Silver
Park 6615 OME 32 MB Hilltop Property Silver, gold, copper
Park 6719 OME 89 MB Mosquito Mining Distict Gold, silver
Park 6730 OME 38 MB Buckskin Joe Mine Silver, gold
Park 6824 OME 22 MB Silver Heels Mine Gold
Park 6852 OME 24 MB Little John, et al., Claims Silver, beryllium
Pitkin 0871 DMA 1 MB Smuggler Mine Lead-zinc
Pitkin 0874 DMA <1 MB Crystal Mountain Properties None identified
Pitkin 1160 DMA 7 MB The Puzzler Lode Iron, manganese
Pitkin 1475 DMA 2 MB Knight & Shepard Groups Copper, silver, gold, lead, zinc, tin, antimony, iron
Pitkin 1477 DMA 10 MB Panco Manganese Deposits Manganese
Pitkin 1883 DMA 3 MB Enigma Mines Copper
Pitkin 6059 OME 3 MB Frying Pan Claims 1-16 Uranium
Pitkin 6289 OME 128 MB Midnight Mine Silver
Pitkin 6305 OME <1 MB Great Western Claim Silver
Pitkin 6415 OME 94 MB Lenado Area Silver
Pitkin 6473 OME 11 MB Smuggler-Durrant and Della S Properties Silver
Pitkin 6874 OME 11 MB Lenado Property Silver
Rio Blanco 3672 DMEA 7 MB Guy Stealy Claims Uranium
Rio Blanco 4812 DMEA 2 MB Red Doe Claims Uranium
Rio Grande 4643 DMEA 61 MB Sumitville Mine Copper, lead
Rio Grande 6344 OME 102 MB Summitville Mine Gold, silver
Rio Grande 6888 OME 4 MB Alum Creel Property Molybdenum, copper
Routt 1270 DMA 9 MB King Lode Claim Manganese
Routt 1555 DMA 6 MB Ace High Claims Uranium, zinc, lead
Routt 3440 DMEA 5 MB Foch, Copper Mask1,2,3,and 5,Old Ben, Copperfield, Copper, molybdenum
Routt 4727 DMEA 3 MB Dennis D. Claims Uranium, rare earths
Saguache 0060 DMA 1 MB Cora & Jupiter Mines Lead-zinc
Saguache 0692 DMA 6 MB Little Jenny and Brighton Claims Lead-zinc, silver, copper
Saguache 1124 DMA <1 MB None identified None identified
Saguache 1275 DMA <1 MB Saguache Smelting Co. Copper
Saguache 2023 DMA 6 MB No Name Mine Lead, copper
Saguache 2604 DMEA 24 MB Antoro Mine Lead-zinc
Saguache 2864 DMEA 2 MB New York Mine Manganese, lead
Saguache 4084 DMEA 19 MB Freeman Group Uranium
Saguache 4225 DMEA 3 MB Indian Creek Group Uranium
Saguache 4251 DMEA 46 MB Big Indian, et al., Claims Uranium
Saguache 4252 DMEA 17 MB Lookout, et al., Claims Uranium
Saguache 4253 DMEA 6 MB Shurshot Claims Uranium
Saguache 4254 DMEA 1 MB Lookout, et al., Claims Uranium
Saguache 4347 DMEA 71 MB Friendly Neighbor and Sage Groups Uranium
Saguache 4516 DMEA 2 MB Millie Luna, et al., Claims Uranium
Saguache 4730 DMEA 61 MB Bonita, et al., Claims Uranium
Saguache 4836 DMEA 36 MB Lookout, et al., Claims Uranium
Saguache 6109 OME 1 MB Monon Claim Group Lead-zinc
Saguache 6265 OME <1 MB Old Ironsides Property Iron
Saguache 6624 OME 4 MB Bonnez Property( formerly Bondholder) Silver
Saguache 6797 OME 97 MB June, Antoro, and Poverty Claims Gold, silver, copper
San Juan 0013 DMA 6 MB Graham Mine Lead-zinc
San Juan 0022 DMA 8 MB Pride of Bonita Lead, zinc, copper
San Juan 0280 DMA 8 MB Minnehaha Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 0363 DMA 34 MB Galtie Boy Mines Tungsten, lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
San Juan 0434 DMA 121 MB Lead Carbonate Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 0473 DMA 10 MB Emma-Oregon-Galena Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 0487 DMA 37 MB Black Hawk Mine Lead-zinc, silver
San Juan 0606 DMEA 131 MB Henrietta Mine Lead, zinc
San Juan 0931 DMA 1 MB Silver Crown Group Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 1111 DMA 50 MB Treasure Mountain Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver, manganese
San Juan 1167 DMA 5 MB Porcupine Lode Lead-zinc, copper, gold, silver
San Juan 1180 DMA 5 MB Otte Lead-zinc, copper, silver
San Juan 1187 DMA 7 MB Little Ida Mine Lead, zinc, copper
San Juan 1279 DMA 2 MB Gold King Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 1474 DMA 4 MB Mineral Slope Lode Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 1525 DMA 83 MB Silver Queen Mine Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold, manganese
San Juan 1616 DMA 4 MB Ruby Mine Tungsten, manganese
San Juan 1713 DMA 2 MB Ione Claim Group Lead, antimony, silver
San Juan 1870 DMA 81 MB Joe & John Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 1871 DMA 9 MB Hercules Mine Lead-zinc, copper, silver
San Juan 2032 DMA 5 MB Lulu Stibnite Claim Antimony
San Juan 2060 DMA 6 MB Pride of the West & Green Mountain Mines Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 2233 DMEA 1 MB Fairview Manganese Mine Manganese
San Juan 2287 DMEA 13 MB Gaylite Boy Mine Tungsten
San Juan 2386 DMEA 4 MB Kansas city, and Berkley Claims Lead-zinc
San Juan 2490 DMEA 5 MB Valley Forge Group Lead, zinc, copper
San Juan 2652 DMEA 4 MB Burrows Mine Lead-zinc
San Juan 2780 DMEA 4 MB Betty W., Francis K., and Big Joe Mining Claims Uranium
San Juan 2991 DMEA 124 MB Silver Lake Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 3057 DMEA 33 MB Silver Wing Mine Lead, zinc
San Juan 3068 DMEA 29 MB None Identified Tungsten
San Juan 3117 DMEA 36 MB Joe Dandy, et al., Claims Uranium
San Juan 3179 DMEA 23 MB Adams Lode Tungsten
San Juan 3741 DMEA 5 MB Moly Group of Claims Lead
San Juan 3881 DMEA 25 MB Tin Cup, Gypsy, and Big Ben Claims Tungsten
San Juan 4138 DMEA 38 MB Dora Mine Tungsten, lead, copper
San Juan 4461 DMEA 14 MB Caledonian Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 4477 DMEA 4 MB Blackhawk, et al Claims Group Lead-zinc
San Juan 4549 DMEA 14 MB Kittimac Mine Lead, zinc, copper
San Juan 4697 DMEA 45 MB Suprize Claim Uranium
San Juan 4944 DMEA 21 MB Treasure Mountain area Manganese
San Juan 5061 DMEA 34 MB Silver Lake Mines Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
San Juan 6060 OME 6 MB Elk Park Mine Uranium
San Juan 6107 OME <1 MB Blackhawk, et al., Claim Group Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 6171 OME 1 MB Alto Juan Property (Golden Goose Mine) Gold, silver, base metals
San Juan 6215 OME 5 MB Kittimac Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Juan 6250 OME 59 MB Brooklyn Property Gold, silver
San Juan 6312 OME <1 MB Graham Mines Silver
San Juan 6407 OME 1 MB Mighty Monarch, et al., Claims Silver
San Juan 6448 OME <1 MB Henrietta Mine Silver
San Juan 6478 OME 8 MB Vertex and Slide Group of Claims Silver, gold
San Juan 6489 OME 2 MB Ransom Lode Silver
San Juan 6535 OME 5 MB Hurley Tunnel Mine Gold, silver
San Juan 6554 OME 70 MB Sioux City ,et al.,Claims Silver
San Juan 6559 OME 1 MB Royal Charter and Little Nation Lode Claims Gold, silver
San Juan 6596 OME 7 MB Vermillion Group of Lode Claims Silver, gold, copper
San Juan 6627 OME 6 MB Titusville and Adjacent Properties Silver
San Juan 6671 OME 6 MB Henrietta Mine Silver, copper
San Juan 6680 OME 9 MB Joby Claims Copper, lead, gold, zinc, silver
San Juan 6689 OME 88 MB Ice Lake Project Gold, silver
San Juan 6694 OME 16 MB Molas Group, et al., Claims Silver
San Juan 6843 OME 7 MB Royal Charter and Little Nation Lode Silver, gold
San Juan 6885 OME 67 MB San Juan Mine Silver, gold
San Miguel 0542 DMA 13 MB San Bernardo Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver, copper
San Miguel 0870 DMA 25 MB Twentieth Century Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
San Miguel 1297 DMA 134 MB Andrus Lead-zinc, copper
San Miguel 2165 DMEA 78 MB Silver Bell Mines (Carbonaro area) Gold, silver, copper, zinc
San Miguel 2464 DMEA 26 MB Wedding Bell Group Uranium
San Miguel 2483 DMEA 33 MB Truck Group Uranium
San Miguel 2521 DMEA 2 MB San Bernardo Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Miguel 2522 DMEA 14 MB White Star and Black King Claims Uranium
San Miguel 2570 DMEA 8 MB Spud Patch Uranium
San Miguel 2616 DMEA 1 MB Gertrude & Modena Lead, copper, silver, gold
San Miguel 2723 DMEA 3 MB San Bernardino Mine Lead-zinc, copper
San Miguel 2846 DMEA 71 MB Sunnyside Claims Uranium
San Miguel 2854 DMEA 37 MB Mariposa Mining Co. Claims Lead, copper
San Miguel 2959 DMEA 13 MB Lee Mack Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3020 DMEA 18 MB Zebra, Yellow Jack & Hattie Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3160 DMEA 5 MB Wolf et al. Mining Claims Manganese
San Miguel 3175 DMEA 7 MB Sunday Group Uranium
San Miguel 3213 DMEA 1 MB Mesuma Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3293 DMEA 15 MB Chipmunk group Uranium
San Miguel 3354 DMEA 10 MB Favorite Group Lead, zinc, copper
San Miguel 3404 DMEA 4 MB Sundown Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3461 DMEA 5 MB Lost Brothers Claim Uranium
San Miguel 3547 DMEA 8 MB Fort Knox Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3555 DMEA 65 MB Bachelor Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3565 DMEA 70 MB Lee Small Group of Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3576 DMEA 21 MB Topaz Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3628 DMEA 37 MB Doss Claim Uranium
San Miguel 3635 DMEA 10 MB Clear View Claim Group Uranium
San Miguel 3655 DMEA 58 MB J.V. Eavenson Lease Uranium
San Miguel 3706 DMEA 14 MB Philura Claims Uranium
San Miguel 3719 DMEA 15 MB Topaz Group Uranium
San Miguel 3721 DMEA 10 MB Fort Know Sublease Uranium
San Miguel 3738 DMEA 11 MB Hamilton, et al. Uranium
San Miguel 3751 DMEA 11 MB Bog and Hope Group Uranium
San Miguel 3953 DMEA 16 MB Wally and B&B Groups Uranium
San Miguel 3991 DMEA 45 MB Lost Brother Claims Uranium
San Miguel 4071 DMEA 9 MB Philura Group of Claims Uranium
San Miguel 4158 DMEA 9 MB Sunset Claims Uranium
San Miguel 4245 DMEA 8 MB Danny Group Uranium
San Miguel 4300 DMEA 15 MB Early Morn Mine Uranium
San Miguel 4538 DMEA 5 MB Sundown Claims, et al. Uranium
San Miguel 4755 DMEA 44 MB D. V. and Vanderwalker Groups Uranium
San Miguel 4855 DMEA 6 MB Philura Group of Claims Uranium
San Miguel 4949 DMEA 40 MB Philura and Grass Flat Claims Uranium
San Miguel 6405 OME 3 MB San Juan Mine Silver, gold
San Miguel 6487 OME 7 MB Silver Eagle Lode Claims Gold, silver
San Miguel 6618 OME 56 MB Ophir Property Molybdenum, copper
Summit 0064 DMA 54 MB Carbonate Group of Claims Lead, zinc
Summit 0456 DMA 2 MB Govenor Silver Mine Lead-zinc
Summit 0621 DMA 5 MB General Teller Mine Lead-zinc, barite, silver
Summit 0770 DMA 3 MB Chatauqua Extension North Mining Claim Lead-zinc
Summit 0857 DMA 1 MB Connors Group Lead-zinc
Summit 1368 DMA 12 MB Norway Claim Group Manganese, tungsten
Summit 1779 DMA 19 MB Burke-Martin Mines Lead-zinc, silver, manganese
Summit 2112 DMEA 17 MB Orphan Boy Lead-zinc
Summit 2160 DMA 37 MB Chataugau Mine Lead-zinc, copper, silver, gold
Summit 2700 DMEA 9 MB General Teller Lode Lead, copper, zinc
Summit 2735 DMEA 4 MB Paymaster Mine Lead-zinc
Summit 4464 DMEA 8 MB Silver Falls, Whale, and T-Boy Tunnel Site Claims Lead-zinc
Summit 4765 DMEA 32 MB New York Claims Lead-zinc, copper
Summit 4848 DMEA 53 MB Saints John Mine Lead-zinc
Summit 4986 DMEA 17 MB Wellington Mine Lead-zinc
Summit 6112 OME 85 MB Wellington Mine Lead-zinc
Summit 6419 OME 20 MB Albany and Silver Wing Claim Silver
Summit 6663 OME 2 MB Slide No. 1 & 2 Claims Gold, silver
Summit 6710 OME 4 MB Big Bonanza, et al., Claims Silver, gold
Summit 6792 OME 24 MB Whale Mine Silver, copper, gold
Teller 1150 DMA 4 MB Spring Creek Mine Lead-zinc, gold, silver, manganese
Teller 4356 DMEA 4 MB Heavy Stone Lode Tungsten
Teller 6151 OME 1 MB Arnold, et al., Claims Gold
Unknown County 0157 DMA 1 MB Mine No.12 Tungsten
Unknown County 0361 DMA 1 MB Yellow Rose Lease None identified
Unknown County 0386 DMA <1 MB Devils Hollow Mine Mica, feldspar, beryl
Unknown County 1055 DMA 1 MB Caledonian None identified
Unknown County 1056 DMA <1 MB Burrows Mine None identified
Unknown County 1110 DMA 3 MB None Identified Beryl, columbium-tantalum
Unknown County 1192 DMA 5 MB None identified None identified
Unknown County 1667 DMA 2 MB Thunder Mine Lead-zinc, silver, gold
Unknown County 2045 DMA <1 MB Wolf Tongue Mill Tungsten
Unknown County 2174 DMA 3 MB Colorado and Utah Uranium

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